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  • CCS Media are a privately-owned UK based IT reseller that evolved from a leading workspace technology provider to a solution-led business technology provider. The business has built significant capability for connecting people and devices intelligently at the edge, whilst simultaneously supporting customer technology teams to build, deploy and maintain technology-enabled business services through the provision of simplified datacentre technology.

With the help of CCS Media, manufacturer Harrison Spinks is now able to satisfy the growing need for increased storage capacity

CCS Media, HPE and Harrison Spinks

The Story: 
Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family owned, bed manufacturing business with over 600 employees. CCS Media has worked with and alongside the technology leadership team at Harrison Spinks to better enable the business through continuous investment cycles which have now led to the deployment of HPE Nimble and Infosight technology, with HPE Infosight now becoming a core infrastructure platform spanning the entire server and storage estate.

The Solution: 
CCS Media introduced Harrison Spinks to the HPE Nimble portfolio to support faster deployments for Enterprise Storage, specifically demonstrating the advanced capability of Infosight technology as a platform that would benefit the organisation.

The Impact: 
HPE Nimble solutions satisfy the growing need for increased storage capacity coupled with the added value of ease for deployment, whilst HPE Infosight significantly impacts the support and continual optimisation of performance. HPE Infosight now runs across the entire 3PAR, Store Easy, Nimble and ProLiant Server estate at Harrison Spinks. This has yielded significant value through proactive and automated system enhancements. Allowing the IT team to further scale support for the organisation whilst receiving automated system analysis and proactive automated configuration and optimisation. This solution has delivered significant value and efficiency gains, reducing the resources required to maintain and support IT systems for the business. The people centric and empathetic approach for user experience taken by CCS Media facilitated the focus on the maximum impact for the customers IT personnel, along with the wider employees. 

  • “Through our partnership, HPE has supported CCS Media to increase the dynamic capability of our business through people and technology skill enablement. This has helped us to better enable our customers through their technology investments.”

    James Hardy, Deputy Managing Director, CCS Media Ltd.

Q&A with James Hardy, Deputy Managing Director, CCS Media

How does working with HPE compare to working with other technology vendors?

Put simply, HPE turn up consistently. Not just when there is a big deal to be done, they turn up consistently. The UK team have taken the time to gain a deep understanding of our business, our customer focus and the value we hold for our customers. Coupled with a knowledge of where we are taking our organisation. HPE have been both a partner and a mentor as we have radically transformed the capability of our organisation and our value to serve our joint customers at the edge and through to Hybrid IT.

How does the HPE portfolio and partner programs, trainings and executive support help you win business and grow?

The HPE portfolio helps CCS to synthesize leading technology to better enable our customers organisations through technology investment. Beyond product innovation, the support we receive from the executive team at HPE has helped our organisational innovation which essentially has also helped us to better serve our customers. Infosight specifically is helping CCS to add value for our customers through the advanced services that the platform delivers. As a result, Infosight is a key component of our focus when we work alongside our customers.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

People centricity and empathy. At the heart of every technology investment is a user experience. Whether the technology be at the edge through Aruba or Nimble/Infosight Hybrid IT, there is a user experience both in the IT team and beyond. This experience drives our approach and the way we design our engagement and support for our customers.

  • “The collaboration of HPE technology solutions and CCS’s relationship and bespoke approach was critical to delivering a progressive IT investment that supports innovation and business growth for Harrison Spinks.”

    Mark Armstrong, UK&I Vice President, Channels and Alliances, HPE


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