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  • American Digital is a Chicago-based enterprise IT solutions provider dedicated to providing customers with cost-efficient IT services with the goal of improving efficiency and spurring future growth. American Digital is a Platinum Partner having been part of HPE’s channel ecosystem for 30+ years across HPE’s storage, compute and networking portfolios.

When a leading logistic company was looking to deploy storage solutions for their data intensive workloads, they sought out American Digital

American Digital, HPE and a Logistic Leader

The Story: 
American Digital were approached by a leading Logistics and Supply Chain company in 2017 to deploy storage solutions for their data intensive workloads. Within the logistics industry, data provides valuable insights that help track their trucks and inventory across the supply chain and uncover critical lapses even before they happen. The logistics leader needed a new production storage solution and to refresh old storage platforms in their datacentre deployed in their non-production/test environment in the most efficient manner.

The Solution: 
Through America Digital, the customer replaced their production 3PAR storage platforms with new 3PAR 9450 solutions and moving the older units down the chain to replace the old arrays in the non-production environment. AD solution architects saw an opportunity to integrate HPE GreenLake, as it provided the ability to add storage capabilities with a pay-per-use model rather than a large capital outlay that had not yet been budgeted.

The Impact: 
By moved 3PAR 7450 systems to replace the obsolete storage in the non-production environment, AD not only addressed the refresh needs, but also bolstered the production performance and capacity needs, which would have been addressed in 2020. By deploying additional data storage through the HPE GreenLake pay-per-use model, the customer was able to implement only the additional amount of data storage they needed. This solution also provides the ability to expand immediate storage needs with the capacity buffer space that is provided for as part of the GreenLake solution. Greater storage expansion can be accomplished through easily executed change orders, again, rather than large capital outlays, similar to how cloud storage is acquired. With HPE GreenLake and the 3Par 9450 arrays designed by AD, the customer was able to reduce the time needed to perform an extensive mission critical database update and migrate the data to the new 3PAR 9450 solutions from an estimated 50 hours to 15 hours.

  • “With HPE GreenLake, we are able to forge a tighter relationship with customers that isn’t just transactional – it gives us a chance to have regular diagnostic touchpoints with our customers and adjust their deployments as needed”

    Bob Panos, Vice President of Sales and Services, American Digital

Q&A with Bob Panos, Vice President of Sales and Services, American Digital

How does working with HPE compare to working with other technology vendors?

We are an HPE-focused partner, and the reason we made the strategic choice to focus only on HPE’s portfolio for our customer needs boils down to quality. HPE has the industry’s leading solutions across storage, compute and networking, and HPE’s team is wholly dedicated to working lock-step with our solutions architects and customers. Our philosophy is to focus on each customer holistically and to provide the best possible solutions and service, and HPE lives and breathes by this philosophy as well, making for a natural and effective partnership.

How does the HPE portfolio and partner programs help you win business and grow?

The answer is twofold: first, HPE offers some of the best solutions on the market and comes with a credibility factor that is unmatched within the industry. Second, HPE’s world-class portfolio provides unmatched reliability and profitability for partners, making it easy for us to deploy for customers. With HPE GreenLake in particular, by virtue of its pay-per-use model, we are able to forge a tighter relationship with customers that isn’t just transactional – it gives us a chance to have regular diagnostic touchpoints with our customers and adjust their deployments as needed.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

Our approach is foremost to listen to and understand our customer’s needs. Our solution architects are the tip of the spear and come equipped with a knowledge of all things technology architecture. With that, they instantly become trusted advisors to our customers and forge a partnership with customers to tackle their pain points to achieve success. We’re grateful that our customers trust us to recommend and deploy the best solutions, and it is truly a testament to HPE’s leading technology. HPE’s world-class portfolio provides customers with ultimate choice, and allows us to recommend a solution for nearly any business need.

  • “American Digital delivered HPE GreenLake as the perfect match for the hybrid IT solution, meaning the customer now has an IT model that helps them adapt rapidly to their unique environment. The collaboration and partnership with HPE delivered the experience needed to help the customer get the most out of consumption-based IT in the future.”

    Paul Hunter, Global Channel Chief, HPE


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