HPE Discover 2019: Positive Change Through Innovation



  • President & CEO Antonio Neri relays his own personal excitement for this year's announcements and summits 
  • Those unable to attend the event can keep up with the latest news by tuning in to the HPE Discover live stream

President & CEO Antonio Neri shares his excitement for HPE Discover and updates on the announcements to come

There will be plenty to discover this year at HPE Discover 2019, in Las Vegas.

As we continue to help steer companies through their digital transformations, we are seeing tangible evidence – through countless examples -- of how we are achieving our purpose as a company:

To advance the way people live and work.

We are doing that through our robust innovation engine; and even more groundbreaking solutions are emerging every day. After all, it was Dave Packard who famously said, “to stay static is to lose ground,” and this year has been all about accelerating our customers’ and partners’ outcomes.

I can say, with pride and confidence, that no other company was even considering our approach when we laid out our vision three years ago. We said the world would be hybrid… and it is.  That composability and hyperconvergence would redefine our industry … and they have. That the “edge” was where the action would be … and it is.

We see a world where everything is hyper-connected, intelligence and security is built into everything around us, generating data that creates insights and value. Data is the key – I believe it is the new currency.  To harness the power of all your data, we have been driving a bold vision that the enterprise of the future will be edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven.

Enterprises who are able to instantly extract outcomes from all their data will be unstoppable. That’s why our strategy is to accelerate your enterprise with edge-centric and  cloud-enabled solutions that are workload-optimized and delivered as a service, so you can unlock the value from all of your data – wherever it may live.

As our strategic acquisitions and decisions have made clear, HPE is delivering on this strategy – and our customers and partners are reaping the rewards. And now, we’re about to formally unveil one of our biggest transformative pivots ever, which will offer our customers and partners more choice, flexibility and scalability than ever across all industries and geographies. I strongly believe this will be game changing and it will define the next chapter for the IT industry.

But HPE Discover is more – much more – than speeds and feeds, bits and bytes. We’ll also be showcasing our positions and successful endeavors in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Women in Technology and CIO leadership training, as well as the amazing work being done in tandem with our 1,300 partners at the Global Partner Summit.

As leaders in the tech industry, we have a powerful and undeniable opportunity to bring about positive change through our innovation. After all – as another industry colleague poignantly said – innovation isn’t for the very few elite, but for everyone. I hope you can join us at HPE Discover - either in person or virtually - and share our enthusiasm for today’s and tomorrow’s technologies.


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