World citizens first: Launching a new giving campaign to accelerate positive social impact



  • New campaign will help accelerate impact through various nonprofits by awarding HPE employees a $25 donation credit
  • HPE Accelerating Impact is a part of a long-held tradition at HPE of encouraging more invested citizenship

HPE launches new campaign with Fast Forward to help accelerate the social impact of nonprofits

One of the key components to our culture at HPE is social responsibility. It’s a heavy word, and rightfully so. After all, it was Dave Packard who famously said, “The betterment of society is not a job to be left to a few. It's a responsibility to be shared by all.” It was this belief that laid the groundwork for HPE Foundation and its programs.

I recognize that as leaders in the tech industry, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference for others by applying our technologies, skills, and resources to accelerate impact in the digital age. Citizenship has always been a part of our DNA at HPE, which is why I’m so proud to announce our newest campaign in partnership with Fast Forward: HPE Accelerating Impact.

Fast Forward is an organization that bridges the tech and social sectors to equip nonprofits with the funding and resources needed to scale for social impact. HPE Accelerating Impact encourages our employees to give back by offering every single one of them a $25 credit to be donated to one of over 30 tech startup nonprofits, which are leveraging technology to make an impact in their local communities and our greater, global community.

These nonprofits demonstrate excellence in leadership, tech talent, scalability, diversity and potential for impact. The donations will play a crucial role in furthering social impact missions and empowering these nonprofits to make a real difference in the world. An equally important goal of HPE Accelerating Impact is to bring crucial exposure to these nonprofits and to instill a stronger sense of citizenship in our team. For us, it’s not just about the donations – although that certainly helps advance social good – but also about building a community of innovators truly connected to their communities and willing to give their time to accelerate impact.

I’ve chosen to donate to NexLeaf Analytics, which aims to preserve and protect human life and our planet through data-driven solutions, powered by sensor technologies and advanced analytics solutions. I’m particularly impressed by their wireless temperature monitoring solution for vaccine refrigerators in rural clinics and health facilities. Their mission to improve public health and the environment is incredibly close to my heart. Every day, their technology is protecting vaccines and helping deliver more of them to the communities that need them most.

A few other tech nonprofits included in our campaign are:

CareerVillage assists underserved youth by providing career advice and guidance on achieving their professional goals. CareerVillage democratizes access to career information and advice through crowdsourcing, connecting students to over 30,000 volunteers with a wealth of relevant expertise and advice. They also provide vital resources to students through local partners in underserved and often low-income areas, with a focus on youth who are the first in their families to attend college, first generation immigrants, young people of color and young women interested in the STEM field.

Tarjimly, which means ‘translate for me,’ is an app that translates languages for refugees and those in need of humanitarian assistance and was founded in 2017 as a response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Tarjimly believes that every person should have the basic, human right to humanitarian aid and deserves the dignity of language access. The Tarjimly app allows bilingual volunteers – over 8,000 of them – to remotely translate, send documents, text or live chat with those in need of language services, whether they be refugees, those seeking asylum, or humanitarian workers.

WattTime is a nonprofit software startup, which empowers its users to choose clean energy. It’s based on real-time grid data, cutting-edge algorithms, and machine learning. One of WattTime’s products – Automated Emissions Reductions – allows utilities, IoT devices, energy storage companies, and end users to reduce emissions easily and without having to sacrifice cost or convenience. At its core, WattTime is all about choice. Customers have choices in almost every other way we consume; WattTime provides choice in what kind of energy individuals use, how clean it is and how much energy is being used.

These are just a few of the organizations supported through HPE Accelerating Impact. I’m proud to see the range and diversity of tech nonprofits represented and I look forward to seeing which nonprofit garners the most donations and unlocks the $10,000 grant from the HPE Foundation to further its impact even more powerfully.

I truly believe that what we do now will echo for generations to come, and I know that my colleagues feel the same. To the entire HPE team, I hope you’ll join me in accelerating impact.


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