Leading the way in workplace flexibility



  • During HPE’s Employee Appreciation Day, the company announced a slew of new benefits for employees
  • Improved benefits will focus on workplace flexibility, family leave and returnships

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Alan May, explores how HPE is championing flexibility and new benefits for employees

Our people are the heart and the power of HPE. That’s why we’re building a culture that revolves around them. By increasing our focus on the employee experience, we’re creating an environment we can all feel proud of and be excited about.

Today is extra special at HPE because we’re having Employee Appreciation Day, a time dedicated to recognizing and celebrating our people for their contributions.

We want to reward them in ways that will make their lives better, both at work and at home. I’m thrilled about our announcement today of enhanced employee benefits, which we’re calling “Work That Fits Your Life.” This progressive program centers on life outside of work, so our people can focus on what matters most to them at different times in their lives—whether they’re growing their family, reentering the workforce, or nearing retirement.

Work That Fits Your Life includes:

  • Wellness Fridays to promote overall health and well-being by leaving work early once a month so people can take time out for themselves.

  • Enhanced Family Leave to provide a minimum of six months fully paid leave for moms and dads after the birth or adoption of a child.

  • Parental Transition Support for parents who want to return gradually by working part-time for up to 36 months after the birth or adoption of a child.

  • Retirement Transition Support for those within a year of retirement who want to ease into it by working part-time, for however long they and their leader agree.

  • Career Reboot with job opportunities and training at HPE for people who left the workforce for an extended period; for example, to raise a child.

With this program, HPE is leading the way in workplace flexibility, family leave, and returnships, which are areas near and dear to me. Some of these benefits are of particular importance to women, which is important to me as I’ve had strong female role models, including my late mother.

My mother worked outside of the home as a professional in the early ‘60s, when it was rare for mothers to have a career. She was supporting a family, and she was pursuing a dream.

In a wonderful coincidence, today one of my daughters had a beautiful baby, my first grandchild! This makes me even prouder to be a leader in a company where women can devote their time and attention to their families as well as to their dreams.

As we continue transforming the culture at HPE, we’ll keep the focus on our people to promote their health and wellness and to help enrich the lives of their families. We believe that work shouldn’t be your life—work should fit your life.


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