We beg to differ, Dell



  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquired RedPixie & Cloud Technology Partners in 2018 and created a set of hybrid cloud services that remove barriers to digital transformation
  • The UK continues to be the irrefutable tech hub of Europe; last year it was reported that of the continent’s 34 tech unicorns, 13 are based in the UK

Here’s how we see it at HPE: digital transformation is thriving in the UK

Let’s start with the positive. It is good that Dell is researching digital transformation in the UK-the IT needs of the UK deserve the spotlight. We just come to a far different conclusion as to what that spotlight reveals than Dell seems to have surmised.

As someone closely involved with both government and UK businesses, I scratch my head at Dell's conclusions from a recent survey which states that the UK lags behind in digital transformation. As a proud and passionate supporter of UK PLC, I feel a responsibility to share what I am seeing in terms of the significant digital transformation occurring in the United Kingdom. On reflection, Dell’s survey may be more indicative of its business model and focus than a reflection on the UK economy.

From our experience at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, digital transformation in the UK is thriving. Over the last 12 months, we have seen a significant acceleration in our customers’ digital transformation plans. Historically, data privacy, security and regulatory matters were a primary concern for our customers. However, as the public cloud offer matures and with an increasing understanding of the value of Hybrid solutions, this dynamic is changing. Through our acquisitions of RedPixie & Cloud Technology Partners in 2018 we have developed a set of hybrid cloud services that remove the barriers to digital transformation. That’s right, while Dell is years behind, we have been busy making innovative progress with innovative security, connectivity, edge and hybrid solutions. Investing to bring capability and build value in the UK market which we understand well, and care deeply about. Right now, we are working directly with a significant number of major UK customers on large scale digital transformation. Furthermore, we support our channel partners who are also rolling out many digital transformation initiatives across the UK.

There is absolutely no lack of digital transformation projects or ambition to innovate in the UK market. We have many great examples of how digital solutions are transforming the UK. While Dell is struggling, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is innovating.

  • With Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, we are creating the most digitally enabled stadium in world football. Helping Spurs win the Champions League and enabling fans to enjoy a thrilling, connected and interactive stadium experience.

  • We have helped Gatwick Airport build a digital platform to improve both operational efficiency and customer experience.

  • Our Edge technologies enabled Mercedes Petronas F1 to reduce simulation times from 3 days to 1 day, with Lewis Hamilton commenting that this made a key difference in beating the competition as his team won the World Championship. Clearly there were none of Dell’s “persistent barriers” in the way.

  • We’ve also worked with the European Golf Tour to deliver the most digitally enabled Ryder Cup ever, where we smashed the record in terms of data transfer and total connected devices.

  • We partnered with Northern Ireland Civil Service to build a digital shared services model that Gartner deemed one of the top three in the world.

  • Our government continues to be progressive and push technology boundaries. Last year the Government Property Agency set out to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government Estate and generate benefits of up to £2.4 billion over ten years by transforming the workplace with the UK Hubs program. A great example of the UK Governments’ digital transformation intent delivered by enabling a more powerful, secure, user experience and accelerating cost savings that a digital real estate strategy can bring. All built on HPE Aruba technology.

More broadly the UK continues to be the irrefutable tech hub of Europe. Last year it was reported that of the continent’s 34 tech unicorns, 13 are based in the UK; our nearest follower, Germany, has less than half this number while the value of these UK unicorns – estimated at $23bn - is greater than that of France and Germany combined. These achievements are matched by the government’s ambition to ensure the UK is at the forefront of global tech-enabled economies: the cross-sectoral Industrial Strategy sets clear goals to achieve this. In the Rt Hon Matt Hancock the UK has a Sectary of State for Health and Social Care who is one of the most digitally aware and progressive on the planet. Private sector success supported by the public sector is creating a tangible ecosystem for digital businesses in the UK - a 2018 TechNation report found that a new digital start-up is founded in the country every 50 minutes - while last year saw the UK comfortably leading Europe in venture capital investment in the tech sector, attracting $3bn more than second-place Germany.

The UK has always been a driving force - in history, in technology, you name it - and we’re not stopping. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is working with government, academia and business to make the UK a global leader in digital transformation.