Intelligent storage: Unlocking your data’s potential



  • Learn how HPE is making storage intelligent by unlocking the potential of data to extract value and insights faster
  • HPE intelligent storage solutions are AI-driven, built for the cloud and delivered as a service, enabling customers to harness their data and transform their businesses

How HPE is enabling customers to harness their data and transform their businesses

Intelligent storage: Unlocking your data’s potential

Data creation is following an exponential growth curve, doubling each time it’s measured. It’s created in more places than ever and in amounts bigger than previously conceived. This explosion of data is bringing with it a mountain of challenges, but also a wealth of opportunities. With the right tools, analysis of this data can provide insights to drive business forward. Those who use AI and analyze big data correctly can become more efficient and more competitive. They can attain new customers, discover new sources of revenue, and find new business models. Those who don’t will get left behind; they’ll only get missed opportunities from their data.

In light of the dawn of big data, technology companies are offering vastly greater storage capacity coupled with improved servers. On top of this, there are open source programs with analytics and machine learning software available for all. Companies also have cloud services enabling an almost unlimited volume of data to be stored, so why isn’t IT thriving? IT is struggling under the weight and volume of such huge systems. The complex nature of the new capabilities is leading to insufficient operations, escalating costs and lost opportunity.

It’s not just the volume of data that’s causing inefficiencies, it’s also a problem of place. Data is being stored in private on-premises clouds and in the public cloud. Furthermore, it’s increasingly being created at the edge. This data must be transferred, analyzed and readily available when and where it’s needed. Current solutions weren’t designed and aren’t prepared for this hybrid cloud environment. They can’t efficiently sort the data and move it between the hybrid cloud, edge and data centers while maintaining security and privacy. The plethora of variables disrupt and slow the process, resulting in downtime, displacement and a situation where administrators spend time trying to control the system failures, rather than planning and improving data storage and access.

Intelligent storage helps unlock data’s full potential

HPE intelligent storage is self-managing, self-healing and self-optimizing, offering as-a-service storage solutions which facilitate efficiency and drive business outcomes while reducing costs. The AI-driven HPE InfoSight learns from the data it can access globally, allowing it to make insights based on huge amounts of information. This benefits everyone using it as the insights are made in one place, but drive solutions that can be implemented anywhere. HPE Cloud Volumes is built for the cloud, allowing users to access their data when and where they need it, no matter where it lives. It delivers the data mobility that is now a necessity in the hybrid cloud reality. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a consumption-based, pay-per-use solution, reducing costs while also providing for any unpredictable growth in data. It simplifies storage operations, allowing businesses to focus on their goals, knowing data and insights are there when they’re needed, no matter the size of data input.

Intelligent storage from HPE is already helping businesses unlock the insights hidden in their data. In fact, HPE was recently named one of the 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Solid-State Arrays, demonstrating that users recognize the value HPE storage is able to deliver to their business. Intelligent storage is freeing up administrators' time and increasing the value of data. As this data continues to grow exponentially, the benefits of an intelligent storage solution are becoming more and more evident. With intelligent storage driven by AI, businesses can profit from their data. Security is increased and risk is lowered through prediction and prevention. Data transfer is made seamless by leveraging AI recommendations on storage place and ease of access. Machine learning finds and resolves areas of performance degradation, driving performance. All of this is done under the comfort of a consumption-based model that also accounts for spikes in data creation.

Intelligent storage is a necessary evolution to match the ever-changing way we create data. As new areas of data creation appear and are increasingly utilized, there is a need for a new way of storing them. Fully prepared for the new challenges and opportunities that businesses have, and offered as a service, intelligent storage is the clever way to unlock your datas full potential. A new solution, a smart solution: intelligent storage.


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