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  • HPE's strategy is to accelerate enterprises, helping connect all data from edge to cloud, delivering insights and added value across all industries
  • HPE is uniquely prepared to help in your transformation of technology, transformation of people and processes, and transformation of economics
  • Were advancing the way people live and work, driving innovation to shape better businesses and a better world

HPE's unique strategy brings edge, cloud, intelligent storage, and financial solutions together to create the innovative enterprise helping shape the future.

As digital transformation continues to disrupt every industry in every corner of the globe, the next phase of this evolution is upon us. Now data creation happens more at the edge, the retention of data is more important than ever before, less data is wasted, and the pace of innovation increases in all industries, from healthcare to agriculture. Thats why our strategy is to accelerate your enterprise from edge to cloud, helping you connect all of your data, all of your edges, all of your clouds everywhere.

Each of you is on a data transformation journey. And in most cases, the goal is to gain speed and agility so you can focus on accelerating innovation. We have created HPE to uniquely address the three biggest areas that could be slowing you down transformation of your technology, transformation of your people and processes, and transformation of your economics.

Today, 75% of data is created at the edge, but 94% of that data is untapped or lost. This data waste is a missed opportunity and lost value. HPE knows the value of data and the insight it can give us, and thats why have announced our commitment to invest $4 billion in the Intelligent Edge over the next four years. This will accelerate our ability to innovate like never before, developing technologies to enable real-time insights, personalized experiences, and instant action. Realtime, real data, real insights, real value.

Weve started at the edge because it is increasingly here that business and life takes place. The edge is all about using technology and data to redefine the experiences and business outcomes you deliver to your end customers, making them more satisfied and loyal. For your employees, the edge helps them to be more productive and engaged, whether they are in an office, oil rig, or university. These benefits can be created for smart vehicles, as well as huge sports stadiums. Were proud of our achievements transforming the new home of the Golden State Warriors the Chase Center and the Tottenham Hotspur football stadium into showcases for technology and connectivity. You can see the edge in action for yourself; in the Transformation Showcase at Discover Madrid. There, well bring a factory floor to life to reveal the wonders of life on the edge.

And in the cloud. The cloud facilitates compute at the edge which enables the speed necessary for insights to be found in the never-ending stream of data. What do innovators, creators, developers, designers and data scientists love about the cloud? Speed, agility, and lack of ramp-up time; indeed, the cloud keeps everything at their fingertips.

We believe that the cloud experience should be open and seamless across all your clouds, public, private, on premise and off premise. Further, we believe the best cloud partner is one who is unbiased and without an agenda. At HPE, the cloud is an experience, not a destination. It is by engaging edge to cloud that new opportunities can be created. Thats why we have also made a commitment to Hybrid IT, as we announced earlier this year.

HPE is in a unique position to accelerate any cloud strategy and deployment, through HPE Pointnext. Along with our recent acquisitions, HPE Pointnext means customers should Fear No Cloud. Wherever your apps and data are in the data center, across multiple clouds, or at the many edges of your enterprise, youll find HPE there, too, innovating to help you and your people be successful. Indeed, enterprises must now create and deliver services across multi-cloud environments in a hybrid reality. This can present challenges for people and processes, economics and technology, but our expertise and solutions accelerate cloud transformation to help enterprises get hybrid cloud right while avoiding the million dollar mistakes of others.

  • HPE is in a unique position to accelerate any cloud strategy with our expertise and HPE Pointnext.

In two years, humans will create more data than humankind has created in all history! This staggering amount holds immense opportunities, but also presents a serious challenge: storage. Our innovations in intelligent storage enable us to act locally, in the moment, in context, creating new possibilities for every industry. In a world where billions of connected people, devices and things are creating petabytes of shared data from cars, homes, workplaces, museums, stadiums, hospitals, factory floors, and your data center, intelligent storage enables AI to be used to make decisions faster and autonomously with speed measured in nanoseconds. AI, machine learning and automation continuously learn, predict, and adapt to changes, needs, and threats in real-time. Now, we need to integrate the intelligence to analyze that data, turning it into action, even in your storage!

The hardest part of any digital transformation is your people. Finding talent, retaining talent, and reskilling talent for the edge-cloud world is a challenge. Moreover, theres the challenge of managing and executing all that change. Ninety percent of cloud projects that dont involve advisory and professional services fail. Thats why we have built a new kind of services organization in HPE Pointnext to help you through your unique IT and business transformation journey.

Finally, with respect to the impact on economic value, were positioned well, there, too thanks to our strategic investments in GreenLake, FlexCap and more. For instance, it is predicted that 49.8 million metric tons of e-waste will be produced globally, with a significant portion of it coming from data center infrastructure. As HPE helps in the digital transformation process, we also lead innovation in the IT investment spacel. With HPE Financial Services, we provide the right investment, consumption, and asset lifecycle model for business, IT, and operational strategy helping you shift capital to free up funds to accelerate new innovation.

  • Tech's greatest promise lies in the good that we can do and the challenges we can overcome, together

At HPE, we believe that technologys greatest promise lies in the good that we can do and the challenges we can overcome, together. That is why our purpose is to advance the way people live and work. We announced a first-of-its-kind program called Tech Impact 2030 in September, an ambitious challenge: to help solve world hunger by 2030. Were launching a new challenge in Madrid, equally as ambitious so keep an eye on our announcements and explore the Discover demos that will bring this program to life. Because innovations for the greater good can also be good for your business.

More and exciting updates to come in the General Session and throughout Discover. Learn how were ushering in the future. HPEs future. Your future...Our collective future.


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