Playing to win: New tools unleash massive opportunity for HPE partners

July 06, 2018 • Blog Post • Paul Hunter, Worldwide Partner Sales Leader


  • During the Global Partner Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, Worldwide Partner Sales Leader Paul Hunter sat down with partners to discuss HPE’s commitment to making partners an extension of the sales team
  • Partners attending Discover 2018 Las Vegas were most energized by HPE’s approach to the "as-a-service" model

Paul Hunter explores what partners were most excited about at Discover 2018 Las Vegas

Last month, during our Global Partner Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, one of our partners made an observation that perfectly describes our ongoing commitment to the channel:


The message that I got from attending is that HPE is approaching the technology "as-a-service" model to own the space and not just play in it.


Yes! Thats exactly what were striving to do, as evidenced by our Global Partner Summit announcement unveiling HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, a new offering that makes it easier and more profitable for partners to sell our leading on-premises consumption solution. CRN described the news as “the most significant partner opportunity the channel has seen in decades.”

  • HPE is owning the technology as-a-service model space, not just playing in it

Those bold statements are not hyperbole. The technology arena is hypercompetitive, and our pioneering and collaborative approach to the channel gives partners the tools they need to compete … and win. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is attractive to partners because they played an integral role in its design.


Here’s how: HPE GreenLake is a direct-to-customer offering that enables HPE system integrators, resellers and distributors to help clients adopt a pay-per-use model and access new on-premises technologies – such as software-defined infrastructure, all-flash storage and private cloud – without a significant upfront investment. It’s designed to capitalize on the estimated $16 billion market for consumption.


With pre-defined, pre-approved and price-banded configurations for seven of our most popular products, HPE GreenLake is easy to quote and sell, and empowers partners to earn increased margin. We project they can make up to 25% gross margin on the deals.


Further optimizing those deployments is HPE InfoSight, our predictive analytics technology that is on all of our 3PAR and Nimble systems. By using artificial intelligence to continuously monitor the environment and automatically predict/uncover/resolve problems, availability of the IT service improves as uptime is increased. Additionally, operational expenses drop significantly eliminating headaches for partners and their customers. Its a tremendous point of differentiation for HPE.


As HPE GreenLake and numerous other HPE partner-centric initiatives illustrate, we understand the challenges partners face, and we are dedicated to helping them address issues and capitalize on opportunities. Partners are constantly looking for smart ways to differentiate and grow their businesses, winning new customers by adding value to their investments.


We are committed to enabling those connections for the benefit of all parties. That’s why we’ve also just announced the launch of the HPE Partner Ready Marketing Pro Academy. It’s a vast repository of educational resources to help partners improve their digital marketing proficiency and effectiveness to generate more leads, grow the pipeline and bolster revenue. With full access to videos, whitepapers, presentations and guides, partners will have all the digital tools needed to effectively sell our products. We have also introduced the new HPE Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment, which enables partners to better understand their digital marketing capabilities and level of digital marketing maturity through a structured online survey and assessment framework. 

As these announcements illustrate, the key to a satisfying partnership is to treat each partner as an extension of our sales force. Our intention is to make it very clear what we are expecting of our partners, what the market opportunities are, and what we can bring to the table to help them succeed.


We rely on them and trust them. And based on their reactions at Global Partner Summit, we can see that the feeling is mutual.


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