How the world’s best artificial intelligence engine is redefining HPE 3PAR

July 24, 2018 • Blog Post • Ivan Iannaccone, VP and GM, HPE 3PAR


  • HPE is redefining customer experiences by bringing the revolutionary capabilities of HPE InfoSight to HPE 3PAR
  • HPE InfoSight embeds AI into HPE 3PAR, allowing the product and infrastructure to self-improve based the information collected and years of sensor data already amassed

Using ground-breaking proprietary algorithms, HPE InfoSight is bringing intelligence to the storage industry

AI (artificial intelligence) has inspired generations of artists, from Philip K. Dick to Alex Garland, and over time their masterpieces have captured the imagination of sci-fi aficionados everywhere. I still remember the first time I watched Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”  To this day I can still here HAL 9000’s mesmerizing voice…"I'm sorry Ivan, I'm afraid I can't do that.”


As it usually happens, visionary artists are able to see a glimpse of the future way ahead of their time. AI is now a reality and at HPE we are leading what we believe to be a technology wave that will completely revolutionize the way we build, consume and experience technology.


HPE InfoSight is the first manifestation of our AI technology and, thanks to a set of ground-breaking proprietary algorithms, we deliver the industry’s best AI for storage. Legacy approaches, which restrict the amount of sensor data collected, just can’t deliver the same level of insights. AI requires accurate and detailed data to learn from and apply to, without this, results are unpredictable, unreliable, and in most cases incomplete.


In all probability HPE 3PAR was actually the first vendor to pioneer the use of telemetry data to change the way storage was supported. As a result HPE 3PAR had early insights into exactly how customers consumed the technology. Sensor data was part of the day one HPE 3PAR design decision and since that first day we have been collecting telemetry data from systems around the globe. We are now applying the power of HPE InfoSight AI to all of this data, redefining customer experiences by bringing the same revolutionary capabilities HPE Nimble Storage customers have grown accustomed to. HPE InfoSight ingests millions of sensor data points every second and utilizes cloud-based machine learning to draw out predictions and recommendations for each customer’s unique infrastructure, applications, and workloads.


Our experience comes from more than just the amount of data we collect; it’s also the visibility into the application stack and the breadth of our algorithms.

By using this source of rich data to train the HPE InfoSight AI engine, we improve availability, performance, and security for every system in our installed base. The result: HPE InfoSight is more intelligent, and therefore more capable, than any other competitive predictive analytics product available. By extending HPE InfoSight to HPE 3PAR, we have quadrupled the number of data points available to analyze and build recommendations. With more data comes greater learning.

  • HPE InfoSight is more intelligent than any other competitive predictive analytics product available

Reinventing Your Experience

With HPE InfoSight we now embed AI into our products, allowing the product and infrastructure to self-improve based not only on all the information we collect, but also on all of the many years of sensor data we’ve already amassed. Knowledge is power and it is exactly this depth of data that gives us more knowledge than all other analytic engines. 


Hate dealing with problems?  With HPE InfoSight we predict potential issues and actually prevent problems from occurring instead of fixing them after the fact. The sheer breadth, depth, and volume of sensor data that we have with HPE 3PAR has accelerated the process of adding industry-leading analytics to the platform and delivering all the benefits that it can provide.


The most experienced AI on the market

When it comes to AI, HPE currently drives the industry, and HPE InfoSight is superior from any other analytics platforms in the following four ways:


  • Breadth of telemetry Because of the number of different places we have collected data from for over a decade, and the number of data points from each location, HPE InfoSight has an architectural advantage other products do not have.
  • Awareness beyond storage While other vendors look at arrays separately, HPE InfoSight provides visibility and analytics that resolve, and even prevent, problems across the infrastructure stack.
  • Applied data science and machine learning HPE InfoSight applies advanced methods of analysis to create statistically accurate predictions and insights for everything from planning to managing and expanding infrastructure. As HPE InfoSight continuously learns from the installed base, the infrastructure keeps getting smarter and more reliable.
  • Pre-emptive recommendations While competitors only provide basic visualizations that require interpretation and troubleshooting, HPE InfoSight pre-emptively tells customers how to prevent issues before they occur. By using the industrys first AI recommendation engine, HPE InfoSight also proactively improves performance and optimizes resources


Saving a Chemical Company Over $1 Million

After deploying HPE InfoSight, and taking advantage of the Cross Stack Analytics on their HPE 3PAR systems, a large specialized chemicals company avoided spending over $1 million on IT equipment that would have included storage and servers. The company had over 20 HPE 3PAR systems spread across multiple data centers with several thousand VMs. During their VDI deployment the IT department realized some of their systems were at 80 percent utilization. Unfortunately none of the monitoring tools they were using were able to identify the cause of the issue. And since the root of the problem appeared to stem from a lack of resources, the company began planning to acquire additional storage and compute which would have solved the issue at a cost of over $1 million.

  • With HPE InfoSight, one customer avoided spending over $1 million on IT equipment

After rolling out HPE InfoSight, seeing the benefits of its Cross Stack Analytics, they were immediately able to determine that several VMs running antivirus scanning routines were performing continuous scans, causing an issue between the storage systems and their virtualized environment. After correcting the issue, the array utilization decreased by 50 percent. The IT department also identified several additional empty VMs they could remove which lowered capacity utilization further. As a result of these discoveries and applying the changes, they no longer required new systems. 


By allowing visibility into their stack, HPE InfoSight helped the company resolve issues that were previously unidentifiable, and lowered their financial waste by avoiding unnecessary purchases.


Transforming the Storage Industry

In our pursuit of delivering on our vision to provide autonomous infrastructure, HPE is changing the capabilities and reach of AI. Integrating HPE 3PAR telemetry data into HPE InfoSight takes AI to a much higher level and moves us light years closer to that goal. Storage will continue to transform in the coming years, and that transformation will be led by AI, which will take over the way we develop, experience and consume data services.


We are bold enough to say that HPE has the world’s best AI on the market, and you don’t need a Voight-Kampff machine to find it. Experience this on your HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage platforms.


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