Only HPE Offers Metered, On-Premises IT Consumption and We've Just Made it Even Better



  • HPE's on-premises consumption model provides customers with both choice and security
  • HPE expands its industry-leading HPE GreenLake solution to offer even more powerful, differentiated capabilities

SVP Ana Pinczuk sheds light on consumption models and the latest for HPE GreenLake

The concept of consumption is redefining the IT landscape. And no one does consumption like HPE.

If you think consumption is simply a financing model, like leasing a car, think again. Today, the gold standard for IT consumption is metered usage of services the popular everything-as-a-service model that public cloud providers first brought into the marketplace.

The public cloud version of consumption is indeed a great model for many companies, or for certain applications within those companies. Rather than making a significant capital outlay for servers and other hardware, a company's IT group can let the cloud provider do the heavy lifting, and pay only for services used. Nice and easy.

But not everything in your IT toolbox is right for the public cloud. On-premises IT, too, is critical for many applications due to company-specific criteria or regulatory restrictions. In those instances, wouldn't it be great to have what you need on-prem, but still retain the benefits of the public cloud including no capital outlay and metered consumption?

You can. Our job is to help you determine the right mix of public cloud, private cloud and on-prem for every workload. And hundreds of firms, worldwide, who want metered, on-prem consumption as part of that equation, are getting it from HPE.

Our HPE GreenLake is a unique suite of on-premises, consumption-based solutions for top workloads - big data, backup, database platform, SAP HANA, edge computing and more - delivered on the customer's terms. It leverages HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, a service from HPE Pointnext that lets customers consume their choice of infrastructure.

And at Discover 2018, we've announced that HPE GreenLake has even more extensive solutions. Our new HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud option is designed to help customers manage and optimize their public and private clouds in a turn-key fashion that includes automating all cloud operations. It's part of our ongoing commitment to consumption and other innovative hybrid IT services across our portfolio.

If you're confused by what's happening in the consumption marketplace, that's understandable. Other providers are touting their own versions of consumption, but no one is offering metered, cloud-replicating consumption on prem except HPE. We're proud of this fact, and have worked hard to crack the code on enabling this groundbreaking service.

Here's an analogy that shows the distinction between real on-prem consumption and what some other providers are beginning to tout.

Let's say you need a new car, but don't want to make the capital outlay to buy it. Instead, you lease a car, making identical monthly payments throughout the term of the lease. Whether you drive 1,000 miles per month, or it sits idle for days and weeks at a time, your payments are the same. That's a perfectly reasonable financing model - but it's not consumption as we at HPE define it.

Another alternative growing in popularity is on-demand usage of cars, like Zipcar, in which you pay by the hour or day. If you don't use a car today, you pay nothing. If you do, you typically pay by the hour or some other calculation. And that's the HPE GreenLake model although ours does differ from on-demand car services in a very significant way: All the equipment you need is in your garage, on-prem.

With metered usage, HPE GreenLake is just like the public cloud, but it's within your own environment.

Our pioneering ability to offer on-prem metered consumption designed to help customers migrate, manage and optimize deployments in hybrid, public and private cloud environments has been enhanced since we launched it eight years ago. And we further bolstered it via our 2017 acquisition of Cloud Cruiser, a leading provider of cloud consumption analytics software that enables customers to manage and optimize public, private and hybrid cloud usage and spend. Today, enhancing this consumption leadership with expertise gained through our acquisitions of leading cloud consultancies Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) and RedPixie, we're proud to introduce GreenLake Hybrid Cloud, a new suite of consumption-based solutions designed to help customers migrate, manage and optimize deployments in hybrid, public and private cloud environments.

HPE GreenLake can meter your usage of IT within your own environment, and in just about any way you prefer. By virtual machine, by gig, by port, by processor, by container we meter and charge you for it. And, importantly, we also install, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade the technology that resides in your workspace, thanks to HPE Pointnext, our 25,000-person-strong team of IT experts. You pay for what you use and we'll do the rest.

The point is, if you truly want to experience the benefits of on-premises IT consumption, your only choice is HPE. And as our Discover news confirms, we're hard at work making it even better.


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