A view from the edge: One of the most exciting times in history is right now

June 17, 2018 • Antonio Neri, President and Chief Executive Officer • Blog Post


  • Companies and people are creating more data than ever, but much of it is unused
  • HPE is committed to helping customers make the most out of every byte of data, from every edge to any cloud

CEO Antonio Neri shares how HPE is enabling an edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven world at Discover 2018 Las Vegas

Once upon a time, companies collected data, processed and analyzed it, and then used the insights to make essential decisions weeks or months later. Over the years, organizations got better at using their data, moving faster to drive just-in-time processes and decisions.

Today, "real-time" is the new "just-in-time."

Now the goal is to use our data to act on and to control the things that power and propel our enterprises, instantly. Accelerating time to value is the ultimate goal. Time to discovery. Time to market. Time to innovation. Time to action!

Enterprises that are able to act fast on all of their data, at the right moment will win.

Data is now your most valuable asset. That means you should never throw a byte away, or worse yet, give it over to someone else. We intend to help our customers harvest the economic potential of every single byte everywhere wherever it lives, from every edge to any cloud.

HPE is helping customers make the most of their data from every edge to any cloud

Our world is in the middle of a massive transformation; its happening all around us; disrupting every industry. And that's why, after more than 20 years with HPE, this is the most exciting time of my career.

In fact, I believe this is one of the most exhilarating times in history. You'll see what I mean, starting tomorrow, at HPE Discover 2018 in Las Vegas.

The Intelligent Edge. Artificial Intelligence. Memory-Driven Computing. These may have once seemed to be futuristic concepts, but no more. They are pragmatic solutions that are making the formerly impossible, possible. What we once dreamed of, is now actionable, to advance the way we all live and work.

I encourage you to visit here often in the coming days to learn more about the latest announcements we have in store at Discover.

Our news reinforces the fact that we are building, and are continuing to refine, the industry's most complete, software-defined portfolio that extends from edge to cloud. It gives our customers the ability to build and connect their next-gen apps and services and to wring all the value from their data in ways that accelerate and differentiate their entire enterprises.

Here are a few hints to our upcoming announcements.

You will see us build on our multi-year lead in consumption with new hybrid cloud solutions, accelerate our innovation at the Intelligent Edge, as well as turbocharge the critical transition to Memory-Driven Computing.

And there's much, much more including a few surprises that reconfirm our commitment to this transformative time.

More importantly, I hope you'll get more familiar with the use cases happening now from some of our tens of thousands of customers, who are reaping the rewards of our commitment to enabling an edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven world.

Joining us at Discover, organizations large and small are testifying to the power of hybrid IT that extends all the way to the edge. They are taking full advantage of the data that matters, empowering their businesses and reshaping our lives as never before.

We are standing at a historical tipping point. Technology promises to advance the way we all live and work, in ways we never imagined. Join us at HPE Discover to explore what's possible when everything computes!