Announcing today! Create solutions and collaborate with coders worldwide in the new HPE Developer Community

December 06, 2017 • Staff Writer • Blog Post


  • The new HPE Developer Community launched on November 28th, 2017
  • The platform enables developers to collaborate directly with HPE engineers
  • Helps build cutting edge applications and solve complex problems

A Q&A with Said Syed, Head of HPE Developer Experience and Product Incubation

Now available, the new HPE Developer Community is a place where members can interact with HPE's new open-source community and create innovative solutions to complex problems by collaborating with like-minded coders.

Through this new software community, HPE is enabling thousands of developers to co-develop solutions using Open Source, DevOps and ITOps tools they are already familiar with to implement developer-centric, software-defined and hybrid IT applications. The community allows members to build improved integrations with software that deliver uninterrupted product workflow to the business.

Said Syed, Head of HPE Developer Experience and Product Incubation, offered some insights on the new community:

Q: Tell me about this new community on

A: Today HPE has launched a new developer community program with the strategic objective to improve the developer experience and increase their productivity in the new world of multi-cloud and hybrid IT. This new developer community offers a new, built from the ground up platform that allows developers to collaborate directly with HPE engineers and developers to build cutting edge applications and solve complex technology integration problems.

Q: What types of developers is HPE attracting?

A: The new HPE developer community focuses the following types of developers.


  • Cloud native application developer who expect a consistent development experience across different cloud environments. This developer wants the necessary tools and services that enable them to focus entirely on developing products instead of worrying about infrastructure and cloud management.
  • ITOps developer who develops integration between ITSM tools and automating infrastructure management, monitoring and lifecycle.
  • DevOps engineer who is developing, improving and executing CI/CD methodologies using tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible and more.
  • Developers who are building applications, tools, products and services using OpenSource technologies such as Kubernetes.
  • Partner developers who are working with HPE to support developers mentioned here and building integrations with HPE technologies to improve developer experience.


Q: What makes this community different from other communities?

A: The HPE Developer Community provides a platform for developers, HPE partners and HPE engineers to have an aggregated view of all OpenSource and other projects HPE is contributing to and collaborating with developers and partners to build solutions to key user issues. The new community also provides a platform where developers, HPE partners and HPE engineers can work on building exciting applications and products together. And, it provides APIs, blogs, training and documentation to help external developers learn and enhance their skills and capabilities to build products and services.

Q: Why is this type of community important to developers?

A: HPE views developer enablement as a fundamental part of the company's hybrid IT strategy. Helping developers build products and solutions is key to our success which is why we are launching the New PAN-HPE Developer Community Program with concrete governance and collaboration model with participation across all areas of HPE. The driving force behind this effort is our multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy with HPE OneSphere at the center of developer enablement.

Q: Is the community flexible enough for users to add their own areas of interest?

A: Absolutely! Within the projects HPE is contributing to and participating in, anyone can begin contributing via GitHub and Slack.

Q: When does the community launch?

A: The official launch of the new HPE Developer Community will be on November 28th, 2017. 

Q: How can I join?

A: Join the conversation now at