The Future of the Data Center is Autonomous: Powered by HPE InfoSight

November 21, 2017 • Alain Andreoli, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Infrastructure Group at HPE • Blog Post


  • On November 21, 2017, HPE announced the next-generation of HPE InfoSight, paving the path for the autonomous data center
  • HPE InfoSight brings AI to the data center for HPE Nimble Storage and now 3PAR

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced new innovations that pave the path for the autonomous data center

Bringing an end to application disruptions and wasted time

Businesses cannot afford disruptions to their applications. But unfortunately, the complexity of infrastructure causes an “App-Data Gap” that impacts businesses and consumes resources. The current approach to managing and supporting infrastructure won’t work in today’s competitive market, as it addresses problems after they have occurred and requires a tremendous effort to troubleshoot, adding to the frustration.

It’s time for a new approach to infrastructure. IT needs a system that can anticipate and prevent problems across the entire infrastructure stack. A system that can also proactively help IT optimize their environment and eliminate painful management tasks. A system that is frictionless and invisible – solving problems before they exist so IT professionals can focus on helping solve business problems.

When we acquired HPE Nimble Storage, we not only gained an outstanding storage platform, but we also gained the industry’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) for the data center – a cloud-based platform called HPE InfoSight. HPE InfoSight is a crown-jewel of the HPE Nimble Storage acquisition. HPE InfoSight closes the “App-Data Gap” and fundamentally transforms how infrastructure is managed and supported, driving down storage IT OpEx by 79%.

HPE InfoSight: AI for the Data Center

HPE InfoSight is founded on a unique approach to data collection and analysis. Every second for nearly a decade, HPE InfoSight has been collecting, analyzing, and correlating millions of sensors from storage arrays deployed globally across an entire installed base. It applies AI and machine learning to predict issues from applications to storage. And, it continuously learns from every environment to make infrastructure smarter and more reliable.

The benefits of HPE InfoSight have been game-changing for our customers. As demonstrated through HPE Nimble Storage, HPE InfoSight predicts and resolves 86% of problems before customers even know there is an issue, and helps achieve 99.9999% of guaranteed availability across the HPE Nimble Storage installed base.

HPE has been committed to enhancing these capabilities and extending HPE InfoSight across the HPE portfolio.

Next-generation of HPE InfoSight makes decisions and eliminates guesswork

Today we announced the industry's first artificial intelligence recommendation engine for HPE InfoSight, which eliminates the guesswork in managing infrastructure. Building on its predictive capabilities, HPE InfoSight preemptively advises customers how to prevent issues before they occur, improve performance proactively, and get more out of their existing resources.


These recommendations are based on advanced machine learning that predicts complex issues and are dynamically tailored for every customers environment. For example, HPE InfoSight can predict performance problems based on application and workload patterns, accurately diagnose the root cause, and provide the right recommendation automatically to improve performance. These recommendations effectively bring an end to storage performance troubleshooting, increasing uptime and decreasing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Extending the power of predictive analytics to 3PAR

Today marks a major step in extending HPE InfoSight across the portfolio with the first release for 3PAR. We were able to deliver this so quickly because HPE 3PAR was architected with the fine-grained instrumentation needed for advanced analytics, and we leveraged the existing code and sophisticated algorithms from HPE InfoSight.

This first release for 3PAR includes three highly impactful capabilities:


  • Cross-stack analytics that save tremendous time troubleshooting VMware environments by pinpointing the root cause of performance issues between storage and virtual machines.
  • Global visibility delivered through a new cloud portal that combines HPE InfoSight and HPE StoreFront Remote, allowing all current 3PAR customers with systems that are remotely connected to see detailed performance trending, capacity predictions, health checks and best practice information across all of their 3PAR arrays.
  • Foundation to enable predictive support that in the future will be used to detect anomalies, predict complex problems, and route cases directly to Level 3 support. This includes the analytics infrastructure needed to collect and process the sensor data from the 3PAR installed base and the establishment of the data science team to develop predictive signatures.


This is just the start, and we will continue to add additional HPE InfoSight capabilities to 3PAR in subsequent releases.

Setting our sights on the autonomous data center

HPE InfoSight has transformed how infrastructure is managed and supported. It predicts and prevents problems from storage to applications, eliminating disruptions and wasted time dealing with issues.

Today's announcement is paving the path for an autonomous data center. Instead of reacting to problems or trying to figure out how to best manage resources, HPE InfoSight sees ahead and tells customers exactly what to do and when to avoid issues and improve environments. These recommendations are making intelligent decisions today that in the future can be applied automatically on behalf of our customers.


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