The Data-Driven Digital Transformation is Happening...Right Now

November 27, 2017 • Antonio Neri, President, Hewlett Packard Enterprise • Blog Post


  • At HPE, we’re focused on helping organizations efficiently capture data, extract knowledge from it and creatively turn that knowledge into value-driving innovation that can produce critical business outcomes
  • That’s why, at Discover 2017 Madrid, we are unveiling a number of solutions to help customers capitalize on business opportunities created by the data deluge

HPE's New Solutions to be Unveiled at Discover Madrid Help Customers Capitalize on Business Opportunities Created by the Data Deluge

In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented a printing press process that revolutionized the way humanity stored data. His invention, which remained the primary mass storage technology for more than 400 years, transformed the way knowledge was stored and passed on through generations. In the century since, we have seen innovations in the storage, harvesting and processing of data to create knowledge and derive insights that have dramatically changed the way we live.

Today, we are experiencing the next great inflection in technology - one that brings together unfathomable amounts of data from the analog world with the vast amounts of previously stored data to generate a new level of understanding about the world around us. It is this revolution that is laying the foundation of autonomous driving, robotic manufacturing, and artificial intelligence, as well as a new world of technologies that we have not even thought of yet.

For businesses of all sizes, data is the foundation for these revolutionary changes. And those businesses that are able to efficiently capture it, extract knowledge from it and creatively turn that knowledge into value-driving innovation can produce critical business outcomes.

That innovation can take all forms.

Let’s say you’re a retailer. How are you digitizing legacy analog data – say, surveillance video footage from your stores – and using it to get closer to your customers and their shopping patterns to drive smarter design and better experiences?

Let’s say you’re a manufacturer. How are you integrating data from the assets across your factory floor with your IT data to improve predictive maintenance and reduce downtime?

Together, these digital data streams are unlocking new insights, driving unprecedented customer experiences and accelerating revenue streams. At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we’re focused on helping organizations seize these incredible opportunities.

To do that, enterprises need a new approach.  They must optimize their traditional IT infrastructure with a secure, flexible hybrid approach that seamlessly brings together their core and cloud assets.  Second, enterprises must turn on their intelligent edge, the places where the “action” is – whether that’s on the factory floor or in a retail store – to begin capturing and processing data.  And to drive this transformation, customers need a partner who can bring the services expertise they need. 

Every six months, our showcase of HPE’s hottest new technologies, product innovations, services and partnerships draws thousands of executives eager to learn new ways to address their IT and business challenges. That’s why we call it “Discover.”

Discover 2017 Madrid, which kicks off next Tuesday, feels different to me. The pace of business has never seemed faster. The possibility to transform business and unlock innovation by marrying data-driven insights with creativity and imagination has never been greater. And the need for solutions and expertise to navigate this new reality -  and capitalize on the countless opportunities it creates - never been more real.

But it’s complicated. We get it. For starters, your apps and data live on multiple platforms from the data center to the cloud to the edge of the network, where people, places and things converge to create new intelligent digital experiences. This is what we mean when we say “the world is hybrid.” 

And while enterprises didn’t plan for a Hybrid IT world, it’s here to stay. To achieve speed and flexibility amidst the complexity, enterprises must keep the business running as efficiently as possible to free resources for innovation.

Last week, HPE announced a solution to help. We introduced the industry's first artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for the data center as part of HPE InfoSight, the predictive analytics platform. The ground-breaking tool is designed to preemptively recommend decisions for IT, improving application reliability and eliminating the guesswork in managing infrastructure. In fact, it reduces the time spent troubleshooting issues up to 85%1.

Even better, we're making InfoSight available to a broader set of customers by releasing InfoSight for HPE 3PAR. The predictive analytics capabilities will improve uptime while driving dramatic reductions in storage total cost of ownership (TCO) for businesses of all sizes. With recommendations based on advanced machine learning that leverages almost a decade of data science expertise and rich telemetry from more than 10,000 HPE Nimble Storage customers, the expansion to 3PAR means even more customers, richer data and better recommendations. Ultimately, we want to extend InfoSight across our portfolio to create a frictionless AI-driven data center.

In addition to hearing customers tell me they need a partner to help them modernize their IT to run more efficiently, they also tell me they want IT-as-a-service, spanning private, managed and public clouds. And they want the flexibility to consume their IT their way scaling up and down based on their needs, paying for it as they go. They want to digitize their customer and employee experience. And, they want a trusted advisor to help them on their digital transformation journey.

We've got plenty to show at Discover Madrid to address these needs and help organizations take advantage of the opportunities today's data and apps present.

You'll learn about ...


  • The industry's first SaaS-based multi-cloud management solution that provides a unified experience and access to a pool of IT resources across public clouds, on-premises private clouds and software-defined infrastructure. The solution is designed for IT operations, developers and executives seeking to build clouds, deploy applications and gain insights faster.
  • Our new consumption solutions for top customer workloads to deliver IT outcomes on-premises in a pay-per-use model - delivering the control and security of on-premises infrastructure with cloud-like capabilities and economics.
  • How we're bridging the gap between operational data and business data with a new partnership that will help customers increase the efficiency and flexibility of their industrial processes and drive business innovation.


And of course, we have other surprises in store.

My point is this: The world is changing right before our eyes. The frontier of knowledge is expanding in ways that Gutenberg likely never imagined. The future belongs to those who can turn data into knowledge, knowledge into insights and insights into innovation.

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