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  • Q&A with Ana Pinczuk, SVP and GM of HPE Pointnext
  • New “pay-as-you-go” services help IT managers find a balance between speed, expense, operational effectiveness and innovation

Ana Pinczuk explains how HPE GreenLake and other HPE Pointnext solutions are transforming IT into a scalable engine for business growth

These days, many consumers prefer to have services at their fingertips and pay for them “on the go” based on what they consumed.

Whether streaming music or ordering groceries online, downloading a just-released movie or arranging a car ride, they appreciate the value of getting the service they want while spending only what they need when they need it.  The days of purchasing assets and having long term contracts up front may soon become as passé as brick-and-mortar stores for video rentals. 

So, too, are business leaders embracing capital-protecting “as-a-service” arrangements. Decisions and deployments can be made faster, and more decisively, when you can get the capabilities you need as a service without incurring big-dollar investments in infrastructure.

In particular, IT teams are steering towards “pay-per-use IT,” also known as consumption-based models, as they are under intense pressure to deliver business-driving solutions, while managing costs and keeping risks at bay.

Finding the right balance between speed, expense, operational effectiveness and innovation can be daunting. IT managers - and the CFOs peering over their shoulders - are enjoying the benefits of hybrid IT, a desirable blend of cloud-based and on-premises services without relinquishing the control needed to optimally manage and deploy IT resources all the way to the Intelligent Edge.

We've created HPE GreenLake to deliver the best of both worlds. This complete portfolio of curated, consumption-based, flexible technology choices is a simple yet powerful approach to deliver on the promise of hybrid IT.

Ana Pinczuk, SVP and GM of HPE Pointnext, explains how HPE GreenLake and the other solutions offered by our services organization are transforming IT into a scalable engine for business growth.

IDC estimates that consumption-based procurement will eclipse traditional procurement by 2020.1 How do you account for this explosive growth in "as a service" IT models?

Ana: Speed. The business is pushing IT to provide everything they want and need – real time analytics, advanced apps, rapid scalability – and as quickly as possible. They can get that from the cloud, but can’t afford to give up the control they get with on-premises IT. So, the perfect balance is a consumption-based, as-a-service model that accelerates business value, frees up capital and simplifies day-to-day operations on-premises.

For organizations unfamiliar with pay-per-use IT solutions, how can they be confident the hybrid IT approach will work?

Ana: We can prove it, with hundreds of successful customer deployments worldwide. In fact, we created HPE Pointnext so that every IT organization can succeed in our increasingly-digital world. We have an exceptional, global team of IT experts who are devoted to making hybrid IT simple and powering the Intelligent Edge.

We work directly with customers to ensure they have the right technologies, tools and processes to achieve their goals. And we're continually developing innovative new products and services like HPE GreenLake that enable them to digitize core operations and drive tangible value for their businesses.

Why do you believe HPE GreenLake is an attractive option for customers?

Ana: HPE is committed to helping customers succeed in hybrid IT environments, and HPE GreenLake will play a key role by giving businesses the best of both worlds.

It enables the speed and flexibility of the public cloud, while retaining the peace of mind and control of data maintained on-premises. It's consumption-based, so you can get the service you need and pay for what you use without a significant capital investment. And that means you can redeploy that capital and IT resources in the pursuit of other strategic goals.

How is it different from what competitors offer with product financing solutions?

Ana: We believe HPE GreenLake is truly a new approach to delivering and consuming IT. It's shifting the paradigm by going above and beyond what traditional public clouds offer. By integrating a complete catalog of hardware, software and HPE expertise into one pay-per-use model, we're delivering solutions - on premises - that would otherwise be beyond the reach and capabilities of traditional IT.

For instance, a typical challenge with the cloud for certain workloads is that IT managers relinquish too much control over design, provisioning, build cycles and security. HPE GreenLake eliminates those problems, because it grows organically as your needs - and budgets - change. You stay in control, but don't need to divert critical resources to managing ever-complex operations.

How do you see HPE Pointnext and consumption-based solutions evolving in the coming years?

Ana: The pace of business won't be slowing down. As business and IT leaders strive to meet the evolving demands of digital business, they will need even more innovative, data-driven solutions to remain ahead of the competition. HPE Pointnext will remain by their sides, offering proven expertise and advanced technologies, to combat their IT challenges. The HPE GreenLake offerings are just the beginning of a rich portfolio that will allow our customers to consume the services they need to reach their business goals.


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