HPE OneView 4.0: Simpler, Faster and More Secure IT

November 02, 2017 • McLeod Glass, VP and GM, SimpliVity, Composable and Software-Defined Product Management • Blog Post

HPE OneView 4.0 simplifies management of IT operations, speeds deployment of new apps and services, and reduces risk of unauthorized use

An organization's data center is an essential element for turbocharging the business to gain real competitive advantage.

Choosing the right management platform to orchestrate infrastructure can mean the difference between a chaotic hardware jungle and an automated, software-defined data center that can move at the speed of business.

HPE OneView makes that critical choice easier, enabling data center managers to optimize their resources for maximum value. It converts servers, storage and networking tools into a software-defined infrastructure automation engine.

Today, with the announcement of HPE OneView 4.0, we've made it even better than before.

Driving Innovation in Software-Defined Infrastructure

With hundreds of thousands of licenses since its launch in 2014, HPE OneView has enabled thousands of customers to leverage IT to drive business value.

It continues to grow in popularity for one simple reason ... it works. Customer surveys and IDC research demonstrate that HPE OneView minimizes the challenges inherent in meeting rapidly escalating IT demands.

Using template-driven firmware automation, HPE OneView cuts the average server build time by more than half and reduces administrative time by as much as 73 percent.

As detailed in this fact sheet, HPE OneView 4.0 has expanded capabilities to further streamline hybrid IT management and enhance security while also leveraging new partners in the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Ecosystem program. Highlights include:


  • Scope-based access control provides a very granular level of control, allowing administrators to limit resources that users are authorized to modify based on a specific group or role.
  • Two-factor authentication provides a second level of identification control, protecting user and configuration data from unauthorized access or manipulation.
  • Non-disruptive firmware updates for HPE Synergy enable the network to remain up and running with no measurable disruption to application performance, even while firmware and software drivers are being updated.
  • New API integrations with cloud management platforms Morpheus Data, CANCOM and InContinuum enable hybrid cloud management using HPE OneView to automate physical infrastructure monitoring and management.


HPE OneView, coupled with ongoing advancements to HPE Synergy, helps bring to life a unique category pioneered by HPE - composable infrastructure. Through HPE Synergy and HPE OneView innovations, HPE provides customers with on-premises infrastructure designed to deliver public cloud efficiency and economics, all enabled by software-defined intelligence.

Simply Better

The beauty of HPE OneView lies in simplicity. It transforms data center hardware - servers, storage and networking - into intelligent, software-defined infrastructure that can be provisioned, updated and deployed at cloud-like speeds.

The HPE OneView unified API provides full programmability and the ability to automate practically all aspects of IT infrastructure. With a single line of code, users can fully describe and provision physical resources required for an application, a virtual host, or a container infrastructure. This capability eliminates error-prone code and time-consuming custom scripts that are traditionally required to keep IT humming.

As its name implies, HPE OneView brings hundreds of systems into a single environment. With just a few clicks to setup and with the HPE OneView Global Dashboard for monitoring, customers have a single view of the data center infrastructure across the globe.

Making Hybrid IT Simple for Our Customers

Today, no one comes close to HPE's experience and innovation in composability. Later this month, we will unveil the next step in the software-enabled journey with Project New Hybrid IT Stack.

A new breed of hybrid IT management platform, Project New Hybrid IT Stack will enable customers to deploy, operate, and optimize public cloud and on-premises private cloud environments through a simple and unified experience.

You can learn all about Project New Hybrid IT Stack - and its critical HPE OneView component - at Discover 2017 in Madrid, taking place November 28 to 30. Join us and see the hottest new technologies and innovations with demos, educational sessions and hands-on collaboration.

HPE has made Hybrid IT simple and more powerful. Stay tuned to see more ...