From All-Flash to the Public Cloud HPE Cloud Bank Storage for HPE 3PAR

November 21, 2017 • Bill Philbin, SVP, HPE GM Storage • Blog Post


  • HPE Cloud Bank Storage now available for 3PAR allows users to natively link primary storage, secondary storage, and private/public cloud storage

HPE Cloud Bank Storage provides end-to-end application integrated data protection from on-premises arrays all the way to the public cloud

Many organizations are exploring how they can exploit the benefits of hybrid IT - leveraging both the public cloud and on-premises infrastructure. HPE Cloud Bank Storage for HPE 3PAR provides customers with application integrated endtoend data protection all the way from on-premises 3PAR arrays to the public cloud.

Simple and efficient cloud backup

The public cloud provides low cost, high capacity object storage which many customers are looking to leverage for long-term storage of backup and archival data as well as easy access to that data.

A recent ESG analyst survey1 reports that when it comes to leveraging the cloud in specific ways to support cost-effective IT modernization, long term retention and disaster recovery represent two of the most frequent uses for cloud storage today. This is in large part due to the operational agility, efficiency and appealing cost structure that a secure offsite data repository provides.

The combination of HPE 3PAR and HPE Cloud Bank Storage lets you leverage the economics, agility, and flexibility of the cloud by allowing customers to efficiently back up their application data either directly from the 3PAR management console or from within the application itself.

The solution leverages intelligent deduplication and compression to send, store and retrieve only unique data. This significantly reduces time, cost and network bandwidth for cloud storage. It is also highly scalable - enabling the protection and retention of more than 100 PB2 of backup data in either Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure starting at one tenth of a cent per month3.

As a result you can automatically move backup data through different storage tiers - including replicated arrays, on-premises backup devices and the public cloud.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to recover data from the cloud to any HPE 3PAR array, anywhere in the world using HPE Cloud Bank Storage.

Self-service cloud data protection with less cost and complexity

HPE 3PAR All-Flash arrays are leading the way in the evolution of self-service data protection. All 3PAR arrays come with integrated backup features, making data protection a function of the storage and eliminating complexity of having to configure and work with multiple separate user interfaces. This provides 3PAR storage admins with the ability to set up protection policies at the time of volume provisioning, enabling end-to-end data protection from the data center to the cloud - managed through one simple console.

Bottom Line

By deploying cloud-ready storage on-premises today you can be better prepared for moving to the cloud at any time and, at the same time, achieve many agility benefits within your own data center.

With HPE Cloud Bank Storage now available for 3PAR, you can natively link your primary storage, secondary storage, and private/public cloud storage.

As a result you can leverage the economics, agility and flexibility of the cloud for long term retention of backup or archival data (for regulatory or governance compliance) or disaster recovery, while continuing to use your on-premises 3PAR infrastructure for short term operational recovery with fast restore.

Find Out More

You can learn more about how 3PAR and Cloud Bank Storage helps you optimize data protection for Hybrid IT at Discover 2017 in Madrid, taking place November 28 to 30, 2017. Join us and see the hottest new technologies and innovations with demos, educational sessions and hands-on collaboration.


1. Best Practices in Cloud-powered Data Protection ESG, December 2016

2. Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 and the maximum logical capacity of HPE StoreOnce 6600 of 34 PB

3. Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 and AWS (S3) standard object storage pricing of $0.02 per GB/Month