Forbes: 100 Greatest Living Business Minds

September 20, 2017 • Staff Writer • Blog Post

HPE CEO Meg Whitman discusses nobility in business

In celebration of their 100th anniversary, Forbes highlighted the 100 most influential business mindsfrom the century. Each was invited to tell stories of their proudest achievements, as well as share what advice they have for innovators and entrepreneurs over the next 100 years. Featured as one of the ten most creative, insightful and entrepreneurial women included on the list was our very own Meg Whitman.

In speaking with Forbes, Meg focused on a choice every great business leader is eventually faced with—the choice to draw a line in the sand and define their, and their company’s, character. Confronted with the prevalent belief that decent, common-sense values have no place in business, Meg dispels this myth by reminding entrepreneurs that those same values are essential to creating a brilliant future, particularly in times of great stress and economic anxiety.

Watch the video and read the full profile here: