Trident Taps Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Reduce IT Costs and Complexity For Australia Customer

June 16, 2017 • Blog Post

Trident and HPE bring innovative Hybrid IT solutions to Australia

Trident Computer Services is one of Australia's leading systems integration providers, with a goal of delivering innovative managed service solutions and consulting services to its customers. The company provides integrated technology solutions tailored for its clients' specific business requirements; hardware and software products; a variety of managed services; project management; information security, and other offerings.

A key to Trident's success is it partnerships with leading IT providers, and its relationship with HPE is one of the most pivotal, said Matthew Marris, sales innovation manager at Trident. A recent contract the company landed with natural resources and mining company Vale Australia proves how its collaborative relationship with HPE is paying off.

When Vale Australia determined that using a public cloud service was becoming too costly partly because of connectivity issues, it needed a way to move workloads back on premises. An IT refresh was not an option because of budget considerations.

The company brought in Trident to evaluate its infrastructure, and after considering different options Trident recommended that the company deploy an HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure. By using the technology, Trident explained, Vale would have a cost-effective way to manage its IT infrastructure while at the same time removing complexity.

Trident helped Vale replace its legacy systems with SimpliVity nodes installed at two different sites. This enabled the company to consolidate legacy infrastructure across servers, storage, backup, and other IT components onto a single device. The technology also allowed Vale to migrate out of the public cloud.

HPE SimpliVity provided Vale with an IT infrastructure that was easy to maintain and can be managed through a unified administration interface. Since the deployment the company has seen reduced operating expenditures. SimpliVity's storage and data protection capabilities have also helped the company optimize storage capacity and speed up data backup and recovery.

As a result of the successful deployment, Trident is now a trusted partner of Vale Australia.

"We're always looking for new and exciting ways to assist our customers, and to make things simpler for them", Marris said. In the case of the Vale Australia engagement, "the HPE technology made perfect sense", he said.

Many of Trident's customers are having issues regarding how best to manage cloud services in what is in many cases a hybrid IT environment. Working with HPE and providing its solutions has helped Trident address these concerns and deliver value to the customers, Marris said.

"Many of the customers want to do more with less, and they don't want to spend so much time on the day-to-day management of their IT infrastructure", Marris said. "With the HPE solution offerings that pave the road to a composable infrastructure future. By not having to focus on infrastructure maintenance, our customers can get back to working on innovative projects, and focus on their main business".

Marris said he is excited by HPE's recent technology acquisitions, and that they will help bring innovative Hybrid IT and Intelligent Edge solutions to clients across multiple industries. Customers have noticed these market developments, and are confident that HPE will be a major player in the future of digital transformation.

Industry trends such as the move to hyperconverged data centers present opportunities for companies such as Trident and its customers, Marris said. Being in a relationship with HPE, a company that has embraced hyperconvergence, is a huge advantage for any channel partner.

"Hyperconvergence lets companies regain control of their IT environment and gives them a more simplified architecture", Marris said. By simplifying the management of IT components such as processing and storage, rather than being concerned about IT issues "they can get back to focusing on their primary business and on driving innovation", he said.