Top 6 Things You Shouldn't Miss From HPE's Living Progress Report

June 12, 2017 • Blog Post

Driving sustainable innovation to increase the efficiency of IT and transform industries

From applying our technologies to improve the lives of people around the world, to our commitment to 100% renewable energy, we have a lot to be proud of at HPE. Last year, we continued to drive sustainable innovation to increase the efficiency of IT and transform industries.

Today, we released our Living Progress Report, setting out our plan to create sustainable solutions for our company, our customers, and our world. The report provides an overview of our accomplishments in sustainability over the past year, with many examples of how our actions and innovations are helping customers meet their energy needs whilst solving some of the world's most complex challenges. This regular and transparent reporting on our efforts sends a strong signal to our customers, investors, and key stakeholders, displaying our continued dedication to integrating sustainability into all that we do.

Here's a look back at some of the highlights from last financial year:

  1. We drove efficiency into our products

At the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit last year, Executive Vice President Antonio Neri announced HPE's new goal to increase the energy performance of our product portfolio 30 times by 2025. We're delivering this through the innovation of products like The Machine and the worlds first solar-powered supercomputer, Hikari.

  1. We led the industry with ambitious science-based targets

Reducing our climate impact is not only the right thing to do for the planet, it's simply good business. It helps our business run smarter, at less cost, and attracts the favor of customers, investors, and employees.

Last year, HPE set a science-based greenhouse gas emissions target within our own operations that is in line with what climate science says is necessary to prevent dangerous climate change, as well as an industry-first supply chain goal that will build our suppliers' capabilities and improve industry standards and practices.

  1. We made a commitment to 100% renewable energy

Perhaps our most ambitious commitment to date, HPE joined RE100, a coalition of the world's most influential companies who are targeting 100% renewable energy. We have set an interim target to source 50% of our total operational electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2025, working towards our long-term goal of reaching 100%.

  1. We were recognized for our actions on human rights

HPE received the inaugural Stop Slavery Award from the Thompson Reuters Foundation, which honors companies who take concrete steps to block unfair labor practices from their supply chains.

  1. We aligned our strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals

We are proud to play our part in contributing to the implementation of the UNs 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to unite countries, organizations, and individuals in a combined effort to end extreme poverty, fight inequality, and tackle climate change.

We have mapped the goals, and their supporting targets, against our materiality assessment to determine where our efforts will have the biggest contribution to sustainable development and where we can best leverage our unique capacity as a global IT company.

  1. We set out to improve the lives of 1 million people

In November 2015, HPE launched the Living Progress Challenge by asking the global community: what digital tools and software applications would you create to improve people's lives? Our goal: to improve the lives of one million people by 2020.

Through the Living Progress Challenge, we brought HPE expertise and technology to individuals and NGO experts in the field in order to address pressing global challenges - from helping rural women gain access to financial tools through the international non-profit Pact, to working with WWF to combat illegal trade.

The steps we are taking to advance social and environmental progress are setting HPE up to win long into the future. As a company, we recognize sustainable innovation is a powerful catalyst for change and an engine for growth. Living Progress inspires us to find transformative solutions that solve some of the world's toughest challenges while creating new market opportunities. It's our plan to create sustainable solutions for our company, our customers, and our world.

Click here to read the full Living Progress Report.


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