HPE Makes Deploying Hybrid Cloud Easier with September Shipping of HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

July 10, 2017 • Michelle Hannula, Product Marketing Manager, HPE • Blog Post

HPE enhances offering with key partnerships, configuration choice and flexible financing

Building from Microsoft's announcement today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is excited to share that the first HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack systems will begin shipping this September. HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, which became orderable last month, is a hybrid cloud solution that allows organizations to run Azure consistent services in their data center, providing a simplified development, management and security experience that is consistent with Azure public cloud services.

Organizations are asking for hybrid cloud

To enable innovation, enterprises are demanding IT solutions that can be delivered quickly, simply and cost effectively. With HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, businesses can meet their most challenging IT requirements including data sovereignty, security, and compliance requirements. They can also run high performance analytics and edge and disconnected applications, as well as provide a platform for modern application development.

At the same time, service providers are looking for a solution that enables them to offer managed cloud services that will meet their customers' requirements. HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack enables service providers to offer managed cloud services across Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack. This means service providers can increase revenue with hybrid cloud offerings by offering consistent development environments for their customers. In addition, service providers can customize their offerings with a highly configurable solution that can meet the needs of the services they offer.

HPE is making it easier for customers to deploy hybrid cloud

HPE is actively working with ISV partners to simplify solution support for joint customers under a collaborated support model with Microsoft, giving customers assurance that HPE, Microsoft and the ISV will work together to quickly address any support issues for HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack. This model will ensure the highest availability for the solution since the three vendors will be working together to quickly address any issues.

SUSE, building on a decade of collaboration with HPE, is working with HPE to deliver their SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, as well as additional solutions, on HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack. Because of the collaborated support model between HPE, Microsoft and SUSE, the three companies will work together to quickly solve any issues pertaining to either the SUSE solution, HPE hardware or Microsoft Azure Stack software. HPE is also a SUSE reseller, further extending ease of purchase and deployment to customers.

Microsofts Mike Neil, Corporate Vice President, Azure Infrastructure Management, explains...

"Microsoft and HPE pride ourselves on delivering what customers need: high quality solutions that are easy to deploy, run and manage. Working with HPE and our partners to deliver a unified support model is a huge benefit for customers, allowing them the ease and flexibility of a single support point of contact. Our 30 year alliance with HPE has enabled us to effectively extend our support model with key partners in the space to meet the needs of our customers".

As also announced today, Microsoft has joined Cloud28+, the world's largest, open community dedicated to increasing enterprise cloud adoption, as a Technology Partner for Azure Stack. Through this new go-to-market alliance, customers will gain access to an even more comprehensive community and cloud service catalog, allowing them to find their right mix of partners and hybrid IT solutions to match their specific workload, industry and data sovereignty requirements.

HPE offers a highly configurable Azure Stack solution

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is a highly configurable solution with options for number of nodes, processor type, memory and storage, enabling customers to choose the configuration that best meets their needs.

While the HPE solution is designed and built around HPE technologies, HPE is extending flexibility within the technology infrastructure by supporting alternate technology choices in the following two areas: 1) Support for specific switch models from Cisco, and 2) Support for rack and power infrastructure products that meet the Azure Stack infrastructure requirements. This flexibility will enable customers to more easily deploy HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack within their existing infrastructure.

Pay-as-you-use consumption with HPE Flexible Capacity

HPE Flexible Capacity is an IT consumption service from HPE Pointnext, designed to deliver a cloud-like experience in customers' data centers. With HPE Flexible Capacity, customers can benefit from rapid scalability, variable cost with no upfront expense, and enterprise grade support. With HPE Flexible Capacity, customers are able to pay for only what they use above a minimum, aligning costs with monthly usage via advanced metering. HPE is the only vendor to offer true consumption-based IT for Azure Stack.


Only HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack can deliver:


  • High density DRAM and high core count enables 50% higher compute capacity.
  • Over 4000 technical experts with deep expertise on Azure and hybrid cloud technologies.
  • A highly configurable solution available with options for number of nodes, processor type, memory, storage, rack and network switches.
  • Joint HPE-Microsoft Azure Stack Innovation Centers, allowing you to test drive use cases in the worlds largest Azure Stack environment.
  • Integrated system management to simplify operations.
  • Pay-as-you use consumption with HPE Flexible Capacity
  • A complete portfolio of consulting, professional and operational services provided by HPE Pointnext.



Learn more about HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack today.