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Cloud28+ is the world’s largest cloud aggregator1, created by HPE for HPE partners worldwide. It’s an open community of cloud service providers, solution providers, ISVs, systems integrators, distributors, and government entities dedicated to accelerating Cloud adoption around the globe. Originally dedicated to the European market, Cloud28+ continues to grow, and is now open worldwide. The unique community and digital business platform foster collaboration to increase knowledge sharing, create new business alliances, and accelerate business outcomes across the entire ecosystem of partners.

Cloud 28+ is an open, federated community of independent cloud service providers that leverage HPE technology to ease cloud adoption. HPE understood from the beginning that in today's IT ecosystem, a thriving community of technology partners is a more successful hub of innovation than any siloed incubator. This community-based model matches the reality of cloud service provisioning. The diverse Cloud28+ community creates increased customer choice and new business alliances and opportunities. The continuous expansion of Cloud28+ has been carefully planned to promote flexibility and creativity. In respect of diversity and regionalization needs, four community areas have been created - EMEA, Latin America and Caribbean, North America, and APJ - where local services and thought leadership articles are highlighted.

Cloud28+ Quick Facts* as of July 2021

  • 1329 total partners from 104 countries

  • 96053 distributed offerings/services in the world wide catalogue

  • 723 total datacentres in 48 countries

  • 2300+ articles published


Cloud28+ History

  • In 2014, Cloud28+ was launched by Hewlett Packard

  • In December 2015, Cloud28+ launched an online catalog of 680 trusted cloud services— a “Cloud of Clouds”—that consolidates and makes available the best cloud services from providers to around the globe

  • In May 2016, Cloud28+ broadened its footprint by deploying extended features to the App Center, decreased time to market for Cloud28+ partners and increased choice for customers

  • In June 2016, Cloud28+ announced significant enhancements on the path to providing a common way for cloud infrastructure providers to deliver software and services and opened up the catalog with support for Microsoft Azure, VMWare, Ormuco and Docker technologies

  • In November 2016, HPE opened Cloud28+ up to partners globally. Partners beyond Europe could participate in the existing community or join forces with HPE and other organizations in their geographic regions to create sister communities tied to the same cloud services catalog

  • In July 2017 HPE formed a Go-To-Market Alliance with Microsoft through Cloud28+ to provide partners with new business opportunities and tools as a premier Microsoft Azure Stack technology partner

  • In August 2017 Cloud28+ expanded into Asia Pacific and Japan region to remove barriers to cloud adoption imposed by market fragmentation

  • In March 2018 Cloud28+ launched new Member Spotlight Pages to allow partners, groups or programs to create highly personalized pages and increase visibility within the community

  • In 2019 the first private instance of Cloud28+ as a Digital Business Platform was sold in Europe

  • In April 2020 Cloud28+ rolled out a successful campaign that connected ISVs with Cloud28+ Service Providers to help them deliver innovative new software solutions

  • In April 2020 the global pandemic drove Cloud28+ partners to help more businesses continue to operate and thrive in the changing landscape. A dedicated campaign enabled customers in all regions to connect with Service Providers to access solutions that helped them survive

  • In August 2020 a new Cloud28+ campaign targeting SMB businesses successfully by supporting ISRs to sell new Build Solutions from HPE, delivered through the channel. The campaign also enabled customers to consume cloud services from trusts HPE PRSP Service Provider Partners

  • In 2021 Cloud28+ has continued to grow, and now hosts 1329 total partners across 104 countries, with cloud offerings totally over 96000 in the worldwide catalogue available to customers. The services span IaaS, PaaS, as well as software and professional services and are delivered from more than 723 datacentres worldwide. These figures continue to grow as worldwide hybrid adoption accelerates

Partner Benefits of Cloud28+ membership

There is no cost for partners to join Cloud28+, and no brokerage fees when they make a business connection through the platform. The platform is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian and German.

Cloud28+ membership offers:

  • Increased market visibility and awareness through the innovative digital marketing platform that allows partners to publish articles, utilize marketing assets, build a profile and portfolio in the platform catalog, benefit from extensive social media amplification, and a media partnership with TechNative to produce videos, podcasts and other media assets

  • Accelerated time to market and reduced CAPEX and R&D costs through partnering opportunities with ISV’s on value-added solutions, providing lead generation through new connections made via the Cloud28+ global catalog, and ecampaign activities that match partner capabilities

  • Access to targeted support and leads from the HPE sales team, who are specially trained in using Cloud28+ to identify service providers to meet regional requirements for end customer hybrid IT RFPs

  • Expanded geographic reach becoming more visible to international customers and partners who need to meet local data and compliance requirements via a local service provider


Cloud28+ and HPE Digital Business Platform

HPE Digital Business Platform (DBP) was created from the Cloud28+ framework as a Cloud Native, API driven code and platform for integration with any existing process or application. It can now be deployed in public or private clouds with full composability, fast response times and leading analytics. HPE DBP has already proven successful for various government ministries in Europe, and private sector projects with ongoing bids. 

Why does the world need a decentralised cloud?

Until now, the only way to achieve network effects has been the centralization of data, insights, or services, organized by powerful intermediaries. But centralization is simply not sustainable for several reasons. It’s far too costly – both economically and environmentally – to send all the data to a cloud and send insights back to the edge. Also, this is often too slow for real-time use cases. Furthermore, centralization is also a problem for digital sovereignty because its network effects lead to market concentration. If this was the only way to share data and insights at scale, this would mean that the digital fate of a myriad of organizations would be dependent on just a few companies. Swarm learning shows that sharing data is the key to unlocking its full potential, but issues like data sovereignty, limited technical maturity, and fair and equal access need addressing.

Decentralized cloud and data infrastructures take a radically new approach to address the challenges. They enable sharing and aggregation of data, insights, and services at scale without a central intermediary. This creates a level playing field, with power and opportunities distributed across all parties. GAIA-X is the open platform providing free access and a radically new approach for sovereign data value creation.

Cloud28+ and GAIA-X

GAIA-X AISBL, is an international non-profit association which consolidates and facilitates work and collaboration within the GAIA-X community. The goal of the GAIA-X project is to create Europe‘s next generation of data infrastructure: a secure, federated and decentralized system that meets the highest standards of digital sovereignty while promoting innovation. GAIA-X will develop technical solutions and regulatory frameworks, and ensure that necessary central facilities and services are made available. In November 2020, HPE became a day-1 member of the GAIA-X association highlighting the affinity in the goal to unlock the value of data.

In May 2021, HPE announced the HPE Solution Framework for Gaia-X designed for companies, service providers and public organizations that want to get ready to participate in Gaia-X. The framework is based on a reference architecture, leveraging key components of HPE’s software portfolio, third-party software, and the Cloud28+ business platform, a marketplace for the monetization of data and services. Individual solution components and entire solution environments are available as a service via HPE GreenLake cloud services. HPE also announced the Roadmap Service for Gaia-X which helps customers develop a roadmap to access and benefit from Gaia-X.

Is Digital Inclusivity attainable?

In The Global Risks Report 2021, published by the World Economic Forum, digital inequality ranked as the fifth most concerning short-term threat to the world. Everyone deserves access to quality and affordable education, healthcare, and other tools that will allow them to participate and prosper in the digital economy. Technology must be applied in meaningful ways for the benefit of all. Solving connectivity issues is the first step in closing the digital divide and addressing digital inclusion.

HPE is focused on leveraging its expertise to help make cloud, artificial intelligence, high performance computing and other advanced technologies available to more of the world’s citizens, regardless of geographic location. By creating innovative and accessible digital infrastructures, HPE and other organizations can lead the world into an equitable Age of Insight -- an era of new discoveries -- that can drive solutions to society’s toughest challenges.

Cloud28+ and Smart Africa

In June 2021, HPE joined the Smart Africa Alliance furthering its commitment to closing the digital divide and promoting digital inclusivity throughout the world. By joining the Smart Africa Alliance, HPE is helping to establish controlled cloud infrastructures and other digital transformation projects necessary to stimulate trade and commerce throughout Africa. HPE will lead or participate in a number of forthcoming Smart Africa Alliance projects, including:

  • Sponsoring a proof of concept for the Cloud and Data Center Project

  • Co-authoring a white paper on cloud and data centers

  • Sponsoring Transform Africa Summit 2021, which is the leading forum on digital transformation in Africa

  • Delivering technical training through the Smart Africa Digital Academy

Read more about how Africa’s cloud revolution will be decentralised here

Women in Technology

With a commitment to #BalanceforBetter, companies that actively strive for a gender diverse and equal opportunity workforce are opening doors and pathing the way to brighter future without limitations. Gender-diverse businesses not only deliver greater innovation and appeal to a more diverse customer base, but have been proven to drive greater revenue and profits.

The Cloud28+ community actively promotes gender-diversity in the workforce and has many partners with strong, empowered and visionary women leading helping to deliver change and business outcomes for their business and customers. Cloud28+ has a dedicated area online that highlights women in technology with space that includes relevant articles, open job listings, and an ongoing video series of interviews with female IT leaders and channel champions. 

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise becomes day-1 member of the GAIA-X association

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