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June 01, 2017 • Blog Post


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Consumable hybrid IT is the new normal

Hybrid IT is no longer an aspirational IT model. The siloed infrastructure models of the past are now out of date. Today, it is widely accepted that there is no single, optimal solution for all workloads. The market is settling on hybrid IT as the default approach, with a recent study by 451 Research1 finding that 69% of respondents have or are planning to have multiple cloud environments. In the future, most enterprises can expect to use a combination of traditional IT, public, private and managed cloud.

The rise of hybrid IT is influencing every vertical and industry. It has fundamentally changed how enterprises and smaller companies consume and utilize IT. Customers are no longer willing to wait weeks and months to deploy new applications and services, they now expect infrastructure resources and services to be available to them on-demand.


Help to navigate the hybrid IT landscape

To be successful in today's marketplace, companies need to match flexible IT solutions to their diverse and fluid business needs. But it can be difficult for customers to understand hybrid IT and know where to find the solutions they need to meet their business requirements. It's easy for a consumer to take out their smartphone, research, find, and book a restaurant in just a few clicks. But if you're an SMB looking to save costs and speed up time to market, it's not obvious what you need to know and where you need to go. Cloud adoption is further complicated by the fact that it requires increasing levels of customization and solutions tailored for specific geographies and regulatory environments.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) believes that every customer deserves to know more - to have the best choice possible and that there is an important role for every partner to play in driving that conversation. Our partners are best positioned to help customers, so we wanted to create one place for customers and partners to go to exchange knowledge, as well as promote and find cloud solutions.


Easing cloud adoption around the world

HPE launched the Cloud28+ community for the European market in 2014, followed by its service catalog in December 2015. The initiative has grown so successfully that HPE recently expanded the community and platform worldwide. Now, partners and customers in any region - regardless of their software stacks - can join Cloud28+ and take advantage of its catalog of services and member benefits. The expansion of Cloud28+ has been carefully planned to promote flexibility and creativity. In respect of diversity and regionalization needs, four community areas have been created - EMEA, Latin America and Caribbean, North America, and APJ - where local services and thought leadership articles are highlighted.

Today, Cloud28+ is the world's largest cloud aggregator2 an open, federated community of independent cloud service providers that leverage HPE technology to ease cloud adoption. HPE understood from the beginning that in today's IT ecosystem, a thriving community of technology partners is a more successful hub of innovation than any siloed incubator. This community-based model matches the reality of cloud service provisioning. The diverse Cloud28+ community creates increased customer choice and new business alliances and opportunities.

Today, the community includes around 500 HPE partners - including service providers, ISVs, solution providers, distributors, systems integrators, and some universities and government institutions - located in over 50 countries. The platform hosts a worldwide solutions catalog that contains over 17,000 services, spanning infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings delivered out of 280 data centers from Cloud28+ members around the world. Professional services, cloud software, and deployable apps are also offered.

New Cloud28+ features include a technical acceleration lab where partners and customers can provision apps and offerings that enable a multi-cloud environment. Another new development is the custom service aggregator where customers can find offerings and partners linked to their industry or particular use cases or submit their own RFP for a community response. In addition, partners can benefit from a 'go-to-market accelerator', which allows them to share thought leadership publications and blog articles, create digital marketing campaigns and build new business alliances.


A new, improved Cloud28+ customer experience

Cloud28+ links customers with a global, open partner ecosystem of cloud service providers. Cloud28+ connects partners and customers - much like a matching service. It enables customers to search for solution providers that meet their individual workload and regulatory requirements, including price, SLA, certification level, security requirements and geographic location.

At Discover 2017, Cloud28+ introduces a revamped online portal, featuring different zones for customers and partners. Now, customers can more easily navigate Cloud28+ offerings, articles and services. For partners, the new portal features an interactive space that makes it easier than ever to create custom campaigns, track their Cloud28+ activities and publish content and services.

The Cloud28+ App Center helps customers to accelerate their transformation to hybrid IT. The App Center enables customers to quickly find and deploy tailored business services either on-premises or off-premises via the service provider of their choice. The Cloud28+ Service Pack for End Users enables customers to tap into all the benefits of the App Center, such as keeping their applications safe, while meeting local regulatory and data sovereignty requirements. Some apps are provided free of charge, while for others customers can easily review and compare costs across apps and other services offered via the Cloud28+ catalogue.


New hybrid cloud interoperability and unified IoT ecosystem

Cloud28+ will perform a key role in HPE's newly announced Project New Stack. A cloud development and operating environment designed to deliver hybrid IT-as-a-service, Project New Stack will accelerate application delivery in traditional and new IT environments. Project New Stack will enable simplified hybrid cloud interoperability and management for developers, line of business managers and IT operations staff. For developers, it will deliver a seamless development and operational experience with access to the Cloud28+ partner ecosystem and solutions catalog.

Also at Discover 2017, HPE announces the creation of a new unified IoT ecosystem hosted on Cloud28+. The ecosystem brings together the IoT capabilities and programs from across HPE and many of our strategic partners into a single IoT hub. The IoT area on Cloud28+ will showcase use cases that deliver on IoT benefits using HPE and partners' technology; IoT software and services that can be purchased as a service; and hardware-as-a-service, driven by HPE or one of our partners. Through Cloud28+, IoT customers and partners can exchange information and collaborate to build qualified, trusted offerings, tailored to each customer's business needs.

The Cloud28+ community and cloud service catalog can be found at:


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1 Best Practices For Workload Placement in a Hybrid IT Environment, 451 Research, December 2016,

2 According to 451 Research