Top Five Things from the Quarter

May 26, 2017 • Blog Post • Howard Clabo

A look back at key highlights from the past few months

From launching the world's largest single-memory computer to finding new ways to solve global problems, we have much to be proud of at HPE. We partnered with BASF to build one of the world's largest supercomputers, launched a newly redefined technology services organization, and closed the acquisition of Nimble Storage. Here's a look back at some of our most recent accomplishments.


1. We built an entirely new kind of computer

On May 16, HPE launched the world's largest single-memory computer. The most recent prototype can work with 160 terabytes of data in memory, but the computing architecture has the potential to scale into the thousands of yottabytes (that's a quintillion DVDs!).

This is the kind of technology that could send us to Mars, revolutionize healthcare, or accomplish things we can't even imagine yet.


2. We're creating increased focus in our strategy

In April, we announced the successful "spin-merge" of our Enterprise Services business with CSC to create DXC Technology. The transaction delivers around $13.5 billion in value to shareholders, almost 60% higher than when the deal was announced a year ago. HPE will maintain a strong relationship with DXC, while benefitting from a more focused strategy.


3. We are delivering innovative solutions to BASF

We're partnering with German chemical company BASF to build one of the world's largest supercomputers for industrial research in chemistry. The supercomputer is based on the newest HPE Apollo 6000 systems, and will improve BASF's modeling and simulation approaches, as well as digitize their research across the globe. With the new system, BASF will be able to get results from complex virtual experiments in a matter of days rather than months.


4. We launched a newly redefined technology services organization

In March, we launched HPE Pointnext, a world-class technology services organization that is dedicated to helping companies accelerate their digital transformations and make desired business outcomes a reality. This newly redefined services organization reflects the increasingly important role of services in our company, and our commitment to be services-led and outcome-focused when engaging with our customers.

This launch comes on the heels of announcing Ana Pinczuk as our new SVP of HPE Pointnext to lead 25,000 specialists in 80 countries, covering 30 languages and spanning a range of disciplines.


5. We expanded our leadership position in the flash storage market

In April, HPE completed our acquisition of Nimble Storage. Analyst group IDC called the acquisition a "home run", as well as "a bold, strategic move on HPE's part that will benefit HPE and Nimble's customers alike." Nimble is one of a recent series of smart acquisitions we made that fit nicely into our portfolio. The Nimble acquisition builds off of the positive momentum in our storage business that we saw when we launched a next-generation HPE 3PAR Operating System back in February.


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