Meet the Innovators: The Men and Women Behind The Machine & Memory-Driven Computing

May 04, 2017 • Blog Post • By Staff Writer


  • Innovation is not just about big ideas, it's about the people and passions that bring them to life
  • Discover the stories of four engineers on a mission to create an entirely new way of computing

Get to know the engineers reimagining computing for the big data era

When we talk about innovation, we talk about ideas, technologies and products. Whether that means coming up with completely new concepts or just better ones, the focus is almost always on the end result, not what it takes to get there.

But innovation doesn't just happen on its own. It requires passion, grit and resilience. And that's what you'll find in the innovative team at Hewlett Packard Labs.

The scientists and engineers behind HPE's Machine research project - the largest and most complex research project in our companys history - are designing the first Memory-Driven Computing architecture, an entirely new computing architecture designed to overcome today's limitations and unleash a new era of intellectual discovery.

Discover their stories, what makes them tick and what inspires them to pour their energy into this massive undertaking.

Kirk Bresniker

Kirk Bresniker is the Hewlett Packard Labs chief architect and the overall lead for The Machine research project. His father was an aerospace engineer so he knows what it means to set nearly impossible goals and work relentlessly in their pursuit.


Niru Kumari

Niru Kumari is a senior research engineer who discovered her passion for computational fluid dynamics during her PhD program in India. Niru's work ensures that our Memory-Driven Computing system stays cool, ensuring peak performance and efficiency. She takes inspiration from nature and the way plants manage to keep themselves cool.


Sagi Mathai

Sagi Mathai is the research engineer working on The Machine research project's cost-effective and high-performance interconnects. Sagi inherited his passion for hardware engineering from his father who was also an engineer.


Jon Smela

Jon Smela is an R&D section manager who leads the chip design team. Jons role in design requires steady progress toward a goal - a process he's quite familiar with thanks to his hobby as a cyclist.



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