SAVE THE DATE: Making the Mission to Mars Compute

MAY 04, 2017 • BLOG POST

The mission to Mars will require the most powerful computing system the world has ever seen

At 20 light-minutes away, Mars is too far to rely on communication from Earth for real-time support. Astronauts will need to travel with and be guided by the most powerful computing system the world has ever seen. But the incremental increases we are seeing in computing power will not meet the demands of the challenge. We need a major computer upgrade, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise has the answer.

Tune in next Tuesday, May 16, 2017, at 11:20 AM PT / 2:20 PM ET to watch Hewlett Packard Labs chief architect and lead for The Machine research project, Kirk Bresniker, deliver a Facebook Live presentation from Washington D.C. on Memory-Driven Computing and its potential to support the mission to Mars.


On The Launchpad: Return to Deep Space 
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Nothing excites the mind and sparks our curiosity as much as space. As missions like New Horizons push to the edge of our solar system, private companies have reignited the next generation space race. Lately, the Red Planet has grabbed our attention, sparking the question, what combination of players and technologies will have to come together to make the first human-led mission to Mars successful?

The Atlantic will survey a shifting landscape of new technologies, exploring the cosmos by gathering experts on the growing space industry and the future of space and extraterrestrial travel. Where will the next space race take us, what are the challenges facing the mission and what do we need to know, build and create to get there?

WHEN: May 16, 2017,10:00 AM 2:00 PM PT / 1:00 5:00 PM ET

WHERE: Newseum, Knight Conference Center, 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001



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