What Sony Learned From the 2011 PlayStation Hack

January 15, 2016 • Blog Post • By PAPER Magazine


  • What do the gaming companies have access to in user devices and what can CIOs do to protect their users?
  • How Sony’s cybersecurity was improved after 77 million users were affected by one of the biggest data security breaches in history

The importance of developing video games with cybersecurity in mind

Video games have become an attractive target for cyber attacks as they hold sensitive information like user names, addresses, emails, passwords and credit card details, to name a few.

In 2011, Sony experienced what at the time was the largest security breach in history. As video gaming companies remain in focus for hackers, it’s critical that they take the right steps to protect their data and networks.

Click through this infographic to understand the extent of the PlayStation attack, what went wrong and the new security measures that Sony implemented to prevent another damaging breach.


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