Welcome to HPE Matter’s “Growing Up Wired” Issue

April 7, 2016 • Blog Post • By Sara DeForest, HPE Matter Staff Writer

Find out how tech is transforming childhood

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Welcome to the “Growing Up Wired” issue

There’s no question that technology affects every aspect of children’s lives today—impacting the way they communicate, learn and play. Kids are digital and mobile natives, navigating the world through devices that they expect to function anytime, anywhere.

With that in mind, enterprises need to adapt to offer the right IT solutions that meet the new expectations of their future customers and employees.

In this issue, we explore what kids’ tech literacy means for tomorrow’s enterprise:

  • Many educators see the positive impact of personalized learning in digital classrooms equipped with tablets and online collaboration tools, but what are the necessary IT investments schools must make in order to support thousands of devices?
  • The convergence between cars and tech is revolutionizing teens’ first driving experiences. How can automakers that provide geolocation data, mobile alerts and in-car speed limits balance drivers’ privacy and parents’ peace of mind?
  • Forget the lemonade stand—today’s young entrepreneurs are writing code and building apps. How are the tech tools of today (e.g., data analytics and the cloud) supporting the emergence of the next generation of CEOs?
  • You know the type—those eager parents who flood your newsfeed with photos of their cute kids. But do they understand the dark side of oversharing on social media? We discuss the implications of advertisers—or worse, cyber criminals—knowing virtually everything about your children.

Is your company prepared for the digital generation? Find out in the next issue of HPE Matter.


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