Welcome to HPE Matter’s “Future of SMBs” Issue

JUNE 2, 2016 • Blog Post • By Sara DeForest, HPE Matter Staff Writer

The big tech giving small and medium-sized businesses a competitive edge

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Produced by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in partnership with Quartz, WIRED and The Atlantic, HPE Matter brings together industry notables to provide valuable insights into the major technological shifts that are changing business as we know it.

Play small, win big

Technology is shaping the way small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make decisions, engage with customers and compete in today’s market. Tools like Big Data analytics, cloud, cybersecurity software and anytime, anywhere mobile connectivity help SMBs scale quickly and serve global markets.

At the same time, these technologies also help large corporations be just as nimble and agile as their tiny competitors.

In this issue, we share advice for SMBs looking to leverage the latest technologies and explore how technology is shaping the definition of SMBs today.

  • All businesses—no matter the size—are potential targets for hackers. Here, we share a three-step process to make sure your employees aren’t the weak link in your cybersecurity defense.
  • Read how an IT infrastructure makeover for a 120-year-old golf club unlocked new revenue opportunities and transformed it into a hotspot for Pittsburgh’s tech community.
  • Find out how microfinancing web platform Kiva uses data analytics to empower underserved people around the world to become entrepreneurs.
  • For big corporations who want to work with startups, we prove that acquisition is not always the answer. Here are a number of other ways tech titans can be a part of the startup ecosystem.

How can technology take your SMB to the next level? Find out in this issue of HPE Matter.