Vimeo: Opening the Gates to the Film Industry

July 13, 2015 • Blog Post • By HPE Matter Contributor

Video sharing site Vimeo is transforming the way filmmakers launch their careers


In the Idea Economy, success is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition. HD video streaming site Vimeo took a risk by charging users for premium tools and content at a time when it was unheard of to pay for streaming services on the internet. The result is a user-friendly, integrated platform for anybody to deliver high quality video experiences.

While many people use Vimeo as a cloud service for their home videos of vacations and birthday parties, the site also serves as a launch pad for aspiring filmmakers. Professional filmmakers use Vimeo to present their work to large online audiences without commercial interruptions. This complements  - or even replaces - festival screenings, which have more entry barriers and reach a more limited audience. And the film industry has taken notice. Vimeo gives these filmmakers access to the gatekeepers, the production companies, studios, agencies - who are looking for the next Scorsese.

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