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January 20, 2016 • Blog Post • By Sara DeForest, HPE Matter Staff Writer

How technology is transforming the media, entertainment and gaming industries

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Welcome to HPE Matter’s “Future of Play” issue

Never before have the media, entertainment and gaming industries seen such high demand for content—whether it’s blockbuster films, original TV programming on demand or the next Angry Birds. Industry players are racing to adapt to the new ways in which audiences want to receive, consume and pay for content.

The technology tools that power these industries have enormous potential. Companies already use data analytics to understand their audiences and quickly create content that delivers immersive, personalized and engaging experiences—while creating new revenue streams for the industry. At the same time, cloud technologies help organizations reduce costs and gain greater flexibility and speed to build new digital experiences for consumers to enjoy.

In this issue of HPE Matter:

  • 20th Century Fox embraces cloud computing to create epic films from the 1.3 exabytes of content it processes each year. How does it handle all this data? By building enormous “rendering farms” with hundreds of computers that do nothing but process special effects.
  • As mobile games like Clash of Clans continue to skyrocket in popularity, we explore how users can feel safer about the games they download, and how to avoid “spoofed” games that are actually malware in disguise.
  • Who knew that Big Data had sex appeal? Online lingerie company Adore Me hopes to disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry by using data analytics to drive everything from product design to advertising, marketing, pricing and the look of the website.
  • Only a few years ago, Wi-Fi and 4G technologies were viewed as novelties in concert venues. Today, almost all newly built arenas are wired for the digital world, housing an IT infrastructure overlaid with mobile apps that allow attendees to order food to their seats, search for the shortest beer line or get directions to the nearest restroom.

Which industry players will figure out how the world wants to be entertained? Find out in this issue of HPE Matter.


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