The Top Five Things You Missed at Discover

DECEMBER 4, 2015 • Blog Post

The biggest takeaways from this year's Discover London

Hewlett Packard Enterprises first Discover event was brimming with engaging conversation, vibrant demos and some incredible product launches. HPE painted London green and revealed its perspective on the future of technology. HPE executives, partners and customers came together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and here, weve summarized some of the most important takeaways from the event.

1. The New Hewlett Packard Enterprise

With the separation now complete, Discover London marked HPEs first major event as a new, industry-leading company. With more than 13,000 registrants, this event was the largest Discover ever! The convention center was covered from floor to ceiling in HPEs vital green, making the brand palpable for those in attendance. And the HPE logo was interactive in unprecedented ways throughout the Transformation Zone showroom.

2. Orchestra

Music is known as a universal language, and at an international event like Discover, it serves as a great unifier! To celebrate the event, Hewlett Packard Enterprise hosted a full orchestra on the main stage. The performance included several songs and was accompanied by powerful images of the new brand in action.See the opening act on CEO Meg Whitmans Facebook page.

3. HPE Synergy

Hewlett Packard Enterprise revealed the industrys first platform for composable infrastructure at Discover London. HPE Synergy provides businesses a significantly increased ability to compute and store data by finding their right mix. In turn, this enables businesses to accelerate value creation and grow faster than ever before.HPE Synergy scales to the needs of each business and bridges the gap between the traditional IT world and the Idea Economy. Database applications that emphasize stability are now able to connect with the future of computing where ideas can turn into reality faster than ever before. For the first time, one solution exists that is flexible enough to fit both the traditional and future-focused needs of your business.

4. Bad Guy Lair

A key focus of Hewlett Packard Enterprise is providing solutions that help businesses protect their digital enterprises. To explore this concept further, HPE built a Bad Guy Lair with an interactive demo that revealed how IT professionals can select the best security strategy for their unique needs. The Lair truly brought the fight against cyber crime to life!

5. Virgin Racing and HPE

Virgin Racing and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have partnered to power innovation and reduce carbon emissions through the DS Virgin Racing Formula E Team. Alex Tai, Virgin Racing team principal, joined CEO Meg Whitman on the Discover stage to discuss the development of groundbreaking electric vehicle technology, as well as HPEs role in providing data analytics to the Virgin Racing team. There was even a Virgin Racing Formula E vehicle on display in the Transformation Zone! Together, HPE and Virgin Racing can utilize their tremendous expertise, agility and commitment to propel the future of motorsports.

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