The Register: What is Hybrid Infrastructure? Glad you asked...

May 9, 2016 • Blog Post

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As part of its recent split, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced "four areas of transformation", among them the buzzword-heavy "hybrid infrastructure".

But what exactly is hybrid infrastructure? Each company seems to have a different idea of what it could mean. What does HPE mean when they say "hybrid infrastructure"? How does this differ from other definitions?

The official blurb from official website says "Today's broad variety of apps and data require different delivery models for each business outcome. A hybrid infrastructure combines traditional IT, private, managed and public clouds, so you can enable your right mix to power 100% of the workloads that drive your enterprise."

Let us decode. "A hybrid infrastructure combines traditional IT, private, managed and public clouds" is straightforward. HPE is clearly separating traditional IT from private clouds. It also separates service provider (managed) clouds from public clouds. This is the split that I personally use and advocate,so I think we're off to a grand start.

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