The Real Mastermind Behind Christmas? Santas CIO

December 4, 2015 • Blog Post • By Sara DeForest, HPE Matter Staff Writer


  • As magical as Santa Claus is, he needs a little tech help to make sure Christmas goes off without a hitch
  • The North Pole's CIO uses HPE technology to keep Santa at full efficiency every holiday season


Santa gets all the credit for Christmas, but did you know that the North Pole CIO is the real mastermind behind Santa's operation?In this video, see how the same technology trends that drive your business also help make Santa faster, more efficient and better able to serve his customers'er, children'around the world.

Read on to discover how the North Pole CIO employs Hewlett Packard Enterprises four transformation areas to ensure Santa is prepared for his busiest day of the year. Need your IT to fly? Transform to a hybrid infrastructure. Like many enterprises, Santa's operation relies on the structure and security of traditional IT (in fact, the North Pole is a great place for data centers). But new IT built on cloud and mobile applications can expand his capabilities. Hewlett Packard Enterprise helps the North Pole CIO take a hybrid approach, choosing the combination of traditional IT, public cloud and private cloud thats best for the organization. Want to quickly determine whos naughty or nice? Empower a data-driven organization. Sorting through the millions of children on the naughty or nice list got a lot easier, thanks to HPEs suite of analytics solutions. By harnessing all relevant dataletters to the North Pole, Facebook posts, report cards, dinner table behavior, etc.Santa can find valuable insights and quickly make informed decisions about who gets presents and who gets coal this year. Want more from your elves? Enable workplace productivity. Nowadays, people expect to be able to work at home, in a caf, on a train or in Santas case, on a sleigh flying through the air. HPE mobility and workplace solutions provide connectivity and access to the right apps and data on any device at any time. In Santas warehouse, elves use devices to communicate and track inventory, ensuring that the sleigh is fully stocked and no toy is forgotten. Time to stand up to Scrooge? Protect the digital enterprise. Cyber threats are more frequent and more diverse than ever before. Like many other organizations, Santa relies on HPEs decades of enterprise security experience to manage risk and protect sensitive data (like Christmas wish lists) from cyber attackers or, even worse, Scrooges.

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