Ready or Not, the Digital Generation is Coming

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Have you ever seen a toddler play with a tablet? Isn't it amazing how quickly and intuitively they navigate touchscreens and apps?

There's no question that technology touches every aspect of children's lives today - impacting the way they communicate, learn and play. Kids have never known a world without the Internet; they're dependent on technologies that they expect to function anytime, anywhere.

Why does Hewlett Packard Enterprise care about how kids today are using technology?

The fact is, every company should pay attention to the behaviors of this generation. Because like it or not, these kids will soon grow up to be your customers, employees - and competitors.

To better understand their technology expectations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise conducted a survey of teens that revealed some surprising results. Here are some key findingsand contradictionsamong the digital generation:

A Generation of Zuckerbergs


  • 79% of teens would like to lead or found a company . Among those, on average, teens said they'd be ready by age 29.


A Workforce On-the-go


  • Only 20% of teens think they will work in a traditional office setting, and 36% believe that a traditional office setting will eventually not even exist
  • 85% say anytime, anywhere mobile access is important in their future full-time job, and 51% believe that desktop computers will disappear from offices .


Who Is Responsible for Cybersecurity?


  • 61% of teens worry about cyber criminals hacking into their devices, yet 71% have performed risky security behaviors , such as logging onto social media accounts on public Wi-Fi, or allowing apps to access their personal data.
  • And teens think the onus is on their employer to protect their data


    • 14% are not currently doing anything to protect their devices
    • 75% think that future jobs will require employees to attend cybersecurity training
    • 90% believe a strong cybersecurity system is important for any future full-time job



For kids today, technology is not just something they learn - it's all they know. Does your company have the IT infrastructure needed to meet the digital generations needs?


This online survey of a representative sample of 557 U.S. teenagers ages 13-17 was commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in March 2016.