PHOTO ESSAY: A behind-the-scenes look at Hewlett Packard Labs Innovation

May 6, 2016 • Blog Post

From San Francisco Bay to Beijing, the sun never sets on Hewlett Packard Labs.

This year, Hewlett Packard Labs celebrates 50 years of innovation. Launched in 1966, we've never stopped working to change the world through technology. From 3D printing and the Internet of Things to hyper mobility and immersive computing, our researchers are most comfortable when they're tackling some of the industry's most daunting challenges.

Our Hewlett Packard Labs around the world are rarely seen. We've created a uniquely collaborative space that supports our researchers and, because of the advanced nature of their work, it's often behind closed doors. To give you a glimpse of the whiteboards, wires and the innovators themselves, we've pulled together a photo essay. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how some of our Hewlett Packard Labs employees innovate on big ideas.

Click here to see the full Hewlett Packard Labs photo essay.



Top Image: Ashkan Seyedi works to make the electron obsolete using silicon photonics.

Photos by Richard Lewington (Palo Alto), Phillip Reinecke and Suskant Sae Lor (Bristol), Olga Shain and Nimrod Ron (Haifa), Jun Qing Xie (Beijing), and Dave Matthews (Fort Collins).


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