One Kings Lane: Democratizing Designer Retail

July 13, 2015 • Blog Post • By HPE Matter Contributor

How the online furniture retailer shook up the way you decorate your home


One Kings Lane didn't set out to disrupt the home furnishing industry, but its online store of highly curated decor filled a void in a marketplace previously dominated by brick-and-mortar stores and interior designers. Now with 400 employees and more than 11 million members, One Kings Lane has brought the market in a whole new direction for consumers. By bringing this established industry online, consumers have access to a wider range of products, vendors have a way to move excess inventory, and One Kings Lane can respond to customer needs quickly by tracking their catalogue in real time.


One Kings Lane is part of a new class of entrepreneurs in today's Idea Economy who have both the vision and technological agility to bring their revolutionary ideas to life.






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