An Insider's Look at The Machine Research Project

November 5, 2015 • Blog Post

Researchers from Hewlett Packard Labs share their experiences working on the company's big bet

You've heard about The Machine research project - the largest and most complex research project in HPE's history - designed to deliver the world's first Memory-Driven Computing architecture.

So what does it take to throw away 60 years of convention and compromise to create an entirely new way of computing, specifically designed for the Big Data Era?

In this video, hear directly from the team working tirelessly to bring The Machine to life.

These passionate engineers and scientists - encompassing a wide range of expertise in semiconductor physics, photonics, systems engineering and software architecture - share their perspectives on why the Machine Matters and how it will be used to solve real-world problems.


The infrastructure required to collect, process, store and analyze the future's data requires transformational changes in the foundations of computing. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has that solution in The Machine.