Infographic: Get to Know DevOps

November 18, 2015 • Blog Post • By FastCo. Works


  • Adopting the principles of DevOps has become an imperative for businesses in all industries

IT automation pioneer Chef guides us through the world of DevOps


What started as a system of workflow practices used by companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon to develop their services with speed and consistency as well as scalability for future growth no longer just applies to tech innovators.


Adopting the principles of DevOps a term used to describe the space where developers and operations teams work in tandem toward the common goal of rapidly delivering high-quality software solutions has become an imperative for businesses in all industries. Its not an overstatement to say that DevOps is not just a necessity for growth, but a necessity for long-term business survival.


Why? Because every business is a software business.


Today, clients and customers expect every business to behave like Google, Facebook and Amazon.They want:


  • Fast results
  • Answers on demand
  • Personalized service
  • Reliability and adaptability in the face of constantly changing circumstances



If a business doesn't meet those expectations - be it a tech company, retailer or content provider - customers will simply turn to a competitor that does.


Check out the infographic to hear more about DevOps from Chef, a pioneer in the field.


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