HPE Further Embraces Containers to Help Customers Achieve Hybrid IT

February 7, 2017 • Blog Post • Bob Moore, Partner Software HPE Servers

How we're addressing market needs

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise we are committed to supporting the hybrid IT transformation. We are doing this through a mix of bleeding-edge products and services, and on an ecosystem of partners integrated within our portfolio. To support this transformation, and to make it easier for customers to leverage hybrid IT to build and run modern applications with confidence, we are excited to announce the availability of Mesosphere DC/OS from HPE.


A Relationship Primed for Growth

In March 2016, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder, the HPE venture investment and partnership program, led Mesosphere’s $73.5 million Series C funding round. At the time, we believed Mesosphere DC/OS to be one of the most exciting new enterprise operating system since Linux. That still holds true today and it’s why HPE is very excited to grow this relationship. The release of Mesosphere SKUs is a step in that direction.

Essentially, Mesosphere DC/OS pools compute resources across the data center, and simplifies application deployment, management, scalability, and redundancy. Then it allows you to move those applications around in containers, to other locations, or even to the public cloud.

Customers can expect to achieve:


  • Deployment: Modern applications, particularly big data services and containers, can be a struggle to deploy and manage. Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS simplifies the deployment process for applications like Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra to almost a single command line.



  • Management: This can also consume valuable IT resources, but Mesosphere DC/OS makes a myriad of disparate applications and systems look like a single pane of glass. Not to mention, the wonderful ability to pool compute resources and consolidate those disparate applications on a smaller set of servers consuming less electricity. Of course, the ability to manage all those applications both inside private data centers as well as in a public cloud makes migrating containers a seamless operation.



  • Scale: Scaling out and adding more compute resources is also simplified through Mesosphere DC/OS. Leveraging the same simplified deployment process, DC/OS adds new applications and resources smoothly and simply.



  • Self-healing Infrastructure: Finally, as data centers begin using servers more like cattle and less like pets, DC/OS has fail-over capabilities that get the applications up and running again quickly in case of node or workload failure.


With all these significant benefits, its easy to see why HPE invested in Mesosphere as a Pathfinder partner and why we are launching DC/OS subscriptions with HPE branded support. Its also important to note how HPE offering Mesosphere DC/OS is more advantageous for customers.


Addressing Market Needs

First, as companies adopt somewhat nascent technologies, it’s comforting to do that with a trusted server manufacturer that is well established in the IT industry.  HPE delivers the advantages of well-established company in traditional IT methods, while embracing newer solutions like containers.  Customers can leverage all the benefits of HPE, a large firm that will be around for a long period, while still looking to the future on the new style of IT. 

Second, with HPE, we are bringing all the strength of our global reach, world-wide sales team knowledge, and global HPE support services to a software that is relatively new to the industry. And with strategy and implementation services, HPE delivers consulting services to accelerate adoption of cloud native applications and containerized applications, with Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS.

Third, Mesosphere DC/OS works on HPE gear using certain Linux operating systems, taking away any concerns about incompatibility or potential issues with non-supported hardware.  Essentially if Mesosphere DC/OS works on an operating system that is certified on HPE servers, it will work on our servers.  

Finally, there is nothing better for customers than the ability to have one stop shopping, securing hardware, software, services, and support all dealing with one sales motion. If customers experience any issues deploying DC/OS, it just takes one call to HPE for swift resolution.

Mesosphere DC/OS supports the HPE theme of transforming to hybrid IT.  As a trusted advisor with years of market leadership, HPE is helping customers transition to the new world of IT with comfort and ease.  You can trust HPE to deliver only the best IT solutions to the market, all backed by our superior knowledge, service, and reputation.



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