How to Engage and Grow Younger Generations Through Tech

April 7, 2016 • Blog Post • BY QUARTZ CREATIVE


  • You’re not imagining it—kids today spend a ridiculous amount of time on their mobile devices
  • To engage this generation, businesses will need explore content and service strategies that quickly capture their attention

What growing up in a world of constant connectivity means for enterprises

Your average teen—let’s call her Sadie—greets the day with a buzzing phone, which doubles as her alarm clock. She runs through the messages she received last night, views her social feeds and sends out her first Snap of the day.

From her time in the classroom to her time spent on recreational activities, technology and digital media permeate every hour of Sadie’s day. In the classroom, she pulls out her personal tablet to take a virtual tour of Rome, and as soon as school is out, Sadie reaches for her phone to check in with friends and family.

The environments such digital natives inhabit are “always on.” Keeping Sadie’s generation engaged, especially as the Internet of Things expands, will entail delivering the IT infrastructure, network connectivity and mobility solutions that ensure their world remains seamlessly responsive and immersive.

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