Forbes: Networked 'Black Box' Concept For Autonomous Cars Could Have Far-Reaching Implications

May 6, 2016 • Blog Post

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It's a challengeto find current automotive industry news that doesn't bring up the topic ofautonomous vehicles. While there is no shortage of information about the technology that will redefine the way we get from place to place, the odd reality is that the majority of the discussion focuses on the individual automobile and the OEM manufacturing process - few are willing to examinethe future of autonomous technology and the ecosystem that may one day surround it.

That is not the case for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), as the company is a few steps ahead of the game and currently working on a solution for the ecosystem-scale future. To learn more about the initiatives, I was able to visit Hewlett Packard Labs where Amip Shah, director of Distributed Mesh Computing, and his team are working on potentially reshaping the future of the automotive industry, from a data standpoint.


Click here to read the full Forbes article about the 'lifetime black box'.


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