Digital Transformation Made Simple

March 31, 2017 • Blog Post


    By Roy Ritthaler, Vice President of ITOM Marketing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


    Weve all heard the term "digital transformation". But what does it mean? Digital transformation is the evolution of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the opportunities and capabilities of new digital technologies.

    Modern businesses are under pressure to grow through the implementation of new technologies that bring customers, partners and suppliers together in real time and empower employees to achieve peak productivity.

    HPE is committed to enabling companies as they transform to a digital enterprise through four key Transformation Areas: transform to hybrid infrastructure, protect your digital enterprise, enable workplace productivity, and empower the data-driven organization. In fact, at HPE Discover in Las Vegas, CEO Meg Whitman painted a clear vision for enabling digital transformation with HPE solutions, products, and partners as the catalyst.

    The HPE IT Operations Management (ITOM) teams approach to enabling digital transformation drives three core outcomes for our customers - efficiency, agility, and innovation:


    • Efficiency through task automation will drive costs down to fund other projects



    • Agility through process orchestration enables speed and the ability to respond to business requirements faster



    • And finally, when you combine the gains from improved efficiency and agility, you are able to build a platform for business and technical innovation .




    A Global Positioning System for Navigating the Digital Frontier

    The difficulty of digital transformation is putting technology, people and process elements together in a well-planned, outcome oriented way. Too many transformation efforts are stalled or fail because they either have poorly defined outcomes or become giant projects with unachievable scope.

    In conjunction with the availability of our Helion Cloud Suite solution, we wanted to help customers on their journey to a digital enterprise and decided to sponsor volume 2 of Jeanne Morain's iSpeak Cloud: Crossing the Cloud Chasm series. Ms. Morain interviewed over 50 IT leaders for this new book which is entitled iSpeak Cloud: Embracing Digital Transformation. This book bridges the gap between the what and why and the real world how to successfully drive transformation that focuses on enhanced compliance (security, regulatory, and business) and increased agility, while reducing costs and complexity.

    Insight from these interviews, combined with Ms. Morains experience, provide both the leader and practitioner a real-world perspective on the challenges faced in transforming to a digital enterprise and how to address them.

    More importantly, the book provides a vendor and technology agnostic picture of Digital Transformation journeys that allows companies to build the right mix of technologies driven by their users and companies needs. The book defines five phases of the journey to digital transformation:

    These five phases are rooted in best practices from customers, luminaries and practical experience. We believe this approach is unique - instead of treating big data, IOT, security, mobility and cloud as separate siloes, it recognizes that all those initiatives culminate in the cloud. Successful transformation requires leaders to look at the bigger picture and address the need for global strategy and governance in designing and adopting cloud solutions. By addressing the core cloud challenges up front, IT leaders can increase agility, reduce costs and maintain compliance.

    The proven processes outlined in the book, combined with our innovative HPE Software ITOM Suites provide the appropriate balance of people, process, and technology. Whether companies are moving from traditional data centers to IT as the Service Broker, Advisor, or Business Partner, our approach will help IT be a leader and catalyst as their companies transform.





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