Can HPE Predict Tournament Wins Using Big Data Analytics?

March 22, 2016 • Blog Post • BY HPE MATTER STAFF WRITER


  • To understand if tournament champs live up to the social media hype, HPE put its analytics tools to work
  • HPE filled out a tournament bracket based on social media sentiment for each NCAA team

Check out HPE’s tournament bracket powered by HPE IDOL’s social sentiment analysis platform

The college basketball tournament is best known for the fervor of collegiate fans who root their teams to victory. The high number of games in a short period of time also adds to the excitement.

While data from a season’s worth of points, rebounds and assists provides insight into the potential champion, Hewlett Packard Enterprise took a look at another indicator—fan sentiment.

HPE IDOL, an enterprise search and data analytics platform, was used to analyze the number of positive, negative and neutral comments on social media around all 64 NCAA teams and filled out a bracket based solely on fan attitude. How does it differ from the final outcome? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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