Bracing Your IT for Enormous Change During a Merger, Acquisition or Divestiture

DECEMBER 19, 2015 • Blog Post

Mahesh Shah, vice president and general manager, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures Practice for Hewlett Packard Enterprise discusses the company is sharing lessons learned from its separation

Massive M&A announcements dominated the headlines this yearthink Verizon and AOL, AT&T and DIRECTV, plus separations from Symantec, eBay and of course, HP.

One of the most complex and costly parts of these transactions is the technology aspect; how do you separate or integrate the IT systems that keep the business running without disrupting employees or customers?

By leveraging the IT and services teams who executed HP's own separation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has created a new business practice to help customers successfully manage all the technology aspects of a customers merger, acquisition or divestiture.

Mahesh Shah, who leads this new practice, has worked to transform IT cultures and help businesses become more agile, flexible and innovative. In this video interview, Mahesh discusses M&A trends and how companies can apply best practices learned from HP's separation to their own transactions.

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