7 Most Impressive Displays From HPE Discover Las Vegas 2016

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HPE Discover 2016 was brimming with engaging presentations, vibrant demos and incredible product launches. HPE executives, partners and customers came together in Las Vegas to share their perspectives on the future of technology, and here, we've summarized some of the most exciting takeaways from the event.



1. Memorable Performances

HPE Discover's mainstage presentations opened with a bang. The bright lights, talented musicians and impressive dancers set the tone for the rest of the event.


2. Star Trek Beyond: The Machines Next Frontier

Inspired by Star Trek's mantra to "boldly go where no man has gone before", Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with Paramount Pictures to propel our most advanced technology 250 years into the future in the new Star Trek Beyond, coming to theatres worldwide on July 22. Over the course of several months, an HPE team of designers and researchers collaborated with the creative minds behind Star Trek Beyond to develop three conceptual technologies for the film, all based on HPE's biggest and most ambitious research project - The Machine.

3. Customers Know Best

Rather than having HPE execs do all the talking, this year's HPE Discover featured a number of presentations from customers themselves. Boeing, GE, New York Genome Center, Home Depot and others discussed the challenges and innovations they experienced during their digital transformations. While wearing the renowned orange aprons on stage, Home Depot CIO Matt Carey joked, "I feel like we need to go mix some paint now".

4. Cycling to the Future

This connected bike is equipped with sensors that collect data - such as speed, distance traveled, and angle of the handlebar - up to 25,000 times per second. The data then gets processed by HPE Edgeline 1000 servers, which allow vendors to compute at the edge for a faster, more efficient Internet of Things experience.


5. Disruptors Across Industries

Of the many disruptive companies at HPE Discover 2016, Meg Whitman said: "These challengers of the status quo are revolutionizing industries at a pace I haven't seen before in my career". Leaders from Docker and Dropbox spoke at the event, which also included a panel featuring Kiva President & Co-founder Premal Shal, Mesosphere Co-founder & CEO Florian Leibert, and Harvard student and hackathon winner Neel Mehta.

6. Shining the Light on Distributed Mesh Computing

Hewlett Packard Labs is developing Distributed Mesh Computing (DMC), a computing architecture that adds intelligence to sensors, enabling them to turn raw data into useful intelligence and securely share it with other sensors and the cloud. HPE built this light installation to demonstrate the power of DMC at Discover 2016.

7. Women in Tech

Women leaders from the HPE Board of Directors, which has been called the most diverse of any tech company in America, gathered to discuss personal experiences and learnings from their career. The panel featured HPE President & CEO Meg Whitman, along with HPE board members Pat Russo, Pam Carter, and Maggie Wilderotter, and was moderated by Sue Barsamian, head of HPE's security business. Cheers to women in tech!