5 U.K. Startups That Are Revolutionizing Enterprise Tech

October 16, 2015 • Blog Post • By Quartz Creative


  • Read how a government-funded nonprofit encourages growth in the U.K.
  • Discover the innovative startups taking advantage of all the resources U.K.'s burgeoning tech scenehas to offer

How these innovative companies are driving London's impressive tech scene


Only five years ago, Berlin was poised to be the EUs tech capital. But today, the scene is changing thanks to huge public and private efforts in the U.K.


"In my humble opinion, London is the startup capital of Europe", says Eileen Burbidge, founding partner at London VC firm Passion Capital and newly appointed chair of Tech City U.K., the government-funded nonprofit created five years ago to help spur the U.K.s tech industry. "None of the other European hubs have the amount of investment capital of London, and none of them have the developer talent". Here are five startups that deserve attention.


1.Crypta Labs: the Symantec of the quantum world


Current encryption technologies use a string of numbers to scramble data that cant be read without a matching key. But theres a flaw, these numbers arent entirely random because theyre generated using algorithms. This makes them hackable. Crypta Labs is developing encryption based on quantum physics that uses a camera to count the photons reflected off of real-world objects to generate a truly random number. Encryption from such a quantum random number generator will, theoretically, be unhackable meaning your enterprises data will never be vulnerable again.


2.Onfido: background checks for the on-demand economy


Companies like Uber and Airbnb need to be able to onboard contractors quickly to keep up with customer demand. Yet each contractor must be carefully vetted through background checks to protect both the company and its customers a process that can take weeks. Onfido has developed an API for enterprises to mine large amounts of data everything from criminal records to credit reports to visa status in 90 percent less time than it would take a company to conduct a background check manually. Onfidos technology means on-demand enterprises can scale their workforce at faster speed without compromising integrity.


3.Envitia: making Big Data usable


Big Data holds the key to innovation, growth and future profits if only it can be accurately captured, analyzed and shared. Envitia melds Big Data with geospatial software to allow enterprises to quickly compile, organize and search through massive amounts of data based on specific geographic locations, benefiting enterprises in fields as diverse as medicine and agriculture. The U.K.s Ministry of Defense recently awarded Envitia a $13 million contract to build a system that enables its civil servants to access any geospatial information within its massive Defence Information Infrastructure, allowing the department to better respond to conflicts and humanitarian crises as they unfold.


4.Digital Shadows: a spotlight on the dark web


As companies have gotten better at protecting against cyber threats originating across the public Internet, cyber espionage has migrated to the dark web the anonymous no mans land where attacks can go unnoticed for months and an enterprises data is often mined and sold on illegal auction sites. London-based Digital Shadows helps enterprises discover these threats through its advanced scalable data analysis platform called SearchLight. It continually monitors over 100 million information sources in 27 languages across the visible, dark and deep Internet.


5.IMBox: Slack with regulatory compliance built in


Enterprises often operate in environments where regulations dictate that communications must be kept for a certain amount of time in case situations necessitate external investigation. But as company communications have moved from emails stored on internal servers to external messaging apps like Slack, its harder to ensure data regulations are being met. Enter IMBox, the Slack-like communication tool with an audit module included for compliance requirements. IMBox includes technology that prevents employees from deleting activity, allowing enterprises to make sure they stay in full compliance with all applicable laws.

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