4 Ways HPE Is Revolutionizing Hybrid Infrastructure | HPE Hyper Converged 380

March 31, 2016 • Blog Post • BY ARIEL PRINCE, HPE MATTER STAFF


  • HPE’s vision for the future includes composable infrastructure, persistent memory, hyper-converged infrastructure and flash storage

Find out the biggest takeaways from HPE’s Innovation Day

This week, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) held an “Innovation Day” in Silicon Valley to reveal incredible innovations in the hybrid infrastructure market. Read on to learn more about HPE’s vision for the future of IT infrastructure.

How HPE is Revolutionizing Hybrid Infrastructure


  • Composable infrastructure
    For Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the future of infrastructure can come in a single line of code. HPE Synergy, the first platform for what HPE calls “composable infrastructure”, allows enterprises to manage both traditional IT and cloud-native applications. CIOs can choose their infrastructure resources—compute, networking and storage—based on the needs of specific applications. This allows enterprises to maintain the structure and security of traditional IT while increasing flexibility and accelerating new applications.


  • Hyper-converged infrastructure
    The HPE Hyper Converged 380 (HC 380) is a new technology that HPE describes as “your VM vending machine” since it provides customers a fast, simple, virtualization solution. Virtualization is the process of creating virtual versions of devices, such as servers or networks, so that customers can easily manage their workloads. By enabling customers to deploy virtualized resources virtually instantaneously, the HC 380 solves common challenges that small- and mid-sized businesses face such as limited IT staff, overly complex tools and rapidly evolving IT needs.

  • Flash storage
    Since 2013, HPE has been executing an all-flash data center strategy that has yielded both tremendous customer momentum and unprecedented growth. This growth includes multiple consecutive quarters of market share gains as HPE continues to beat the flash startups, outpace the traditional storage players and take customers away from the competition. As the only company offering a truly enterprise-class, all-flash storage platform capable of supporting the all-flash data center, customers with massive storage and reliability needs, such as Sony, are turning to flash-optimized HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage for industry-leading performance, Tier-1 resiliency, a full set of rich data services including flash array-integrated data protection and massive scalability. It is this 3PAR technology that provides the foundation for the all-flash data center of the future.


  • Persistent memory
    HPE has developed a new product category known as persistent memory to shake up the storage industry. Persistent memory combines the non-volatility of storage with the rapid speed of memory. It delivers major performance for Big Data apps, all at an affordable cost. In addition to helping businesses achieve better outcomes, it’s also a big step on the road to HPE’s vision for the future of computing—also known as The Machine.

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