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Techsplanations: Intelligent Edge

Dr. Tom Bradicich explains the Intelligent Edge, and how it can yield deeper insights faster to transform your business.

Sensors that record data can be attached to almost anything: planes, trains, robotic arms, and more. They aren’t near a data center that supplies lots of number-crunching data processing; they’re at the edge. To add “intelligence” to those sensors where they operate—whether in a farmer’s field or a smart city infrastructure—requires the system to be built on the “three C's,” says Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Dr. Tom Bradicich. The IoT devices need to connect (to one another and the larger system), compute (massage and analyze the data), and control (take action based on that analyzed information).

This short video gives you a high-level overview of what HPE means by connect, compute, and control. 

Are you ready for the IoT?  Here’s a framework that will get you started.