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Putting IoT into action: Insights from IoT leaders

IoT has moved beyond theoretical promises and is creating business results for companies of all sizes. In this panel discussion, representatives from four industries highlight the lessons they learned about IoT deployments and help you set expectations.

IoT has graduated beyond research and pilot projects. It’s being used in plenty of real-world deployments. Now-experienced practitioners are ready and willing to share their experiences, which can inform your own IoT strategy—or to put it another way, it’s smarter to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

One way to avoid planning and implementation pitfalls and create realistic expectations when implementing IoT is to watch this video from the HPE Discover conference, “Putting IoT into Action: Insights from IoT Leaders Around the Globe.” Plenty of real-world data is shared.

Moderated by Christian Renaud, IoT research director at 451 Research, the panel included Bjorn Bartheidel, senior consultant, manufacturing as a service, at IT service provider Freudenberg IT; Ciaran Flanagan, an ABB group vice president and global head of data center business who has his eye on industrial power automation systems; Doug Smith, CEO at Texmark Chemicals, a petrochemical company; and Christian Mastrodonato, chief technologist at Konica Minolta, a manufacturer of healthcare and office equipment.

There’s not much arm-waving about “how great it’s going to be.” Instead, the panelists discuss the issues in implementing everything IoT technologies promise, with an emphasis on the three C's: connect, compute, and control.

With so many “things” in the IoT to be connected, for example, anyone planning an IoT project must contemplate everything from data acquisition to analyzing that data—and that’s just the starting point. The business benefits only when IT can comfortably answer the following questions: What are you going to do for the business using the data? What actions do you take based on it, and how does actuation happen? How do you keep the data secure and respect customer privacy? These questions apply whether the “things” are turbines, pumps, or healthcare devices.

In this hour-long talk, the panelists address issues including:

  • How best to start the journey to industrial IoT
  • How IoT changes the process of rolling out data centers (and by extension, other environments)
  • The state of standards in the IoT community
  • Customers’ changing expectations—and fears—about IoT connectivity, telemetry, and analytics
  • The ways in which IoT affects the workplace, whether small businesses or enterprise organizations
  • The non-technical barriers to adoption you should expect

Employing sensors and other IoT technology can create profitable action and increased safety, the speakers say. Along the way, you may improve scientific discovery, engineering outcomes, and business success. Listen as these guys explain how.

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